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[DISCUSSION] Kyogre vs. Groudon: Who do you prefer?
Hey fellas!

I wanted to start a discussion, so here we go...

Which Pokemon do you prefer? Groudon or Kyogre? And why?
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Groudon is the only S+ mon in Uber so... much like Landorus in VGC

Also, the title says "better", while the poll says "prefer". Now, that's two completely different things
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don't really care that much for any but i do prefer groudon because i like the design of its primal form while i don't really care for kyogre's and its really good competitively.
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Kyogre, only because one of my first pokemon games was pokemon sapphire and I'm biased toward water types
Hard decision~

Pre-ORAS, I will take Kyogre. Post-ORAS, I will take Groudon~
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The first thing came in mind was Rayquaza, but since its about kyogre/groy

I choose Groudon (though if was allowed i would choose both)

Groydon cause of had long timd ago good memory of it. (Fissure?)
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