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[DISCUSSION] Legends of Tomorrow
[Image: legends.jpg]

The legends of tommorow is Awesome

Before watching this i reccomend trying first the other tvshows in which some of the legends appear and to understand the story easier >> The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl

More than 94% of google users have put a like to the show.

I think i never wanted villains vibes as becoming my favorites, but thanks to this show i saw a different light in them

Is there Action ?

Yep, a lot with epic fights

Is it fun to watch ?

Yes, it can become funny if you follow it with focus without distractions, Theree is a dummmb protagonisttt (actually 2 to make it funny)

Is there romance /Drama ?

Yes, many different romance though most last no long

Can this tvshow change the viewpoint of humanity for people ?

Yes, there is a chance that people who ''dislike '' gender of same gender may change their viewpoint of hate.

I reccomend to watch it in HD 720p (though i watched it in not very high HD )

Enjoy and be frozen.
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