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I thought someone was joking about this ... And yet it worked.

I asked to someone if had a celebi code on some social website... A guy i met said
''RUn redeem it before others comeee'' Something like that, so yeah, i thought he was joking and lost almost hope.

Saw that he posted the message PUBBLIC so that everyone could get it...(it was 1 hour ago)

What happens, i after i copy the code and then i gave it to a friend without thinking...

I said to me friend ''low chance i will work ''

What happens next... She said it worrrrked!

Am i lucky or what? (though she has it redeemed and yeah i could get lots stuff with it, but if waited more maybe someone else would get it, so thats why maybe i searched very fast for someone and the lucky person was a friend of my that redeemed the celebi code in CHS)
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