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[DISCUSSION] News from Pokemon Direct 6.5.2019
The most exciting news arrived today in a special Pokemon Direct:

PS: You might want to skip the first 30 minutes of the video.

What do you guys think of the game? I'm so excited about it!
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Galar region accuracy: Perfect.
Pokémon so far: Perfect.
Everything so far: Perfect.
(Jun 5, 2019, 08:49 AM)Black Waterfall Wrote: You might want to skip the first 30 minutes of the video.

LOL. "Might?" Wink

I haven't really formed an opinion yet. I mean - I will for sure be buying both a Switch and one (if not both) of these games at some point - but... I'm not particularly hyped about it. Obviously this forum is pretty dead (considering the one reply you got to this major announcement), but elsewhere there is a lot of discussion going on about both the merits and potential failings of what we've seen.

On the plus side, we're getting a new Pokémon region, filled with brand-new never-before-seen critters to collect and befriend. The scope of it seems pretty epic; which the hardware can clearly support in a way that I think the various handheld consoles failed to do in previous generations. That's not to say that there was no 'epic' feel to any parts of previous games; but clearly this trailer was full of over-the-top visuals, and larger-than-life effects (no pun intended). The world seems like it'll be huge, compared to previous regions; where each loaded overworld map consisted of an area you could traverse in a couple of minutes at normal running speed, before the game had to load the next map. These are great features, for sure.

On the minus side, people are complaining about tons of things; both minor details and major game mechanics. Without going into an exhaustive list, they range from "What kind of %&#$in' name is 'HOP?'" to "But why can't we have a multi-region open-world Breath of the Wild style MMO game, Game Freak?!?!?!?"

Anyway, I have some negative thoughts that I won't share here, unless pressed; as this seems to be the kind of place that prefers to dwell on the 'positive' aspects of the franchise. Further, there is SO MUCH we don't yet know about these games, that I prefer to reserve judgment until I've actually played the things, to see for myself what the final product (which most likely isn't quite yet fully ready for market, anyway) has in store for us.

@Black Waterfall: What are your thoughts on things? It's nice of you to start this topic and invite discussion, but I'm curious to hear if you have any opinions about what you've seen. Besides, it's pretty hard to drum up a discussion if only one party does most of the talking. Wink
I literally got a switch on the 4th. AAAAA YEEEEE
@DrumminBeard Thanks for the tag!

I loved the concept of the wild area, it kinda reminds me of the Hyrule field in Ocarina of Time. Creatures found in the area varies depending on the weather, which is cool. So far we don't know if Pokemon we find wandering around the area are catchable, I surely hope so. It looks like we have more control of random encounters too. Generally speaking, it seems to me that the flow and feel of the entire game is getting more realistic. For me, that's a good thing. I like that we have a woman Pokemon professor again.

On the other hand, I didn't enjoy the dynamax idea so much. We don't know much about it right now, but what we do know is that it is a "make my monster grow" power-up feature that could be compared to mega evolution or Z-moves. I find it weird that Pokemon can now become gigantic (what would be Wailord dynamax size?), but the idea of defeating a huge Pokemon together with your friends seems nice. I also didn't find the design of the cover legendaries very attractive. They both look identical (and the same applies to the Powerpuff Girl starters) and I think Game Freak coud have come up with better concepts.

Either way, I am getting a Switch no matter what!
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(Jun 9, 2019, 06:40 PM)Black Waterfall Wrote: Thanks for the tag!

No trouble, good sir. Thank you for your response.

I do want to approach the new games with optimism, for sure. Dynamaxing doesn't appeal much to me at first blush either; but if it helps to shake up the metagame, that's something I'd like to see. Obviously, The Wilds will be popular amongst those who get the games, whether they like the feature or not; considering that's where the Pokémon are. Still, though I don't think it'll be an open-world-type feature like some think, I do like your analogy likening it to Hyrule Field. Either way, I'm sure I'll be happy with it. And finally, yes - more powerful female characters in Pokémon games is always a plus.

As for the Raid Battle feature, I'm hesitant to endorse it because I have reservations about the multiplayer requirement (yes, even though AI teammates will be available). That, and the fact that the Raid system in Pokémon GO (from which obvious inspiration has been drawn) is a total joke. However, it could be that this feature will allow Trainers worldwide (even brand-new ones, who have very little experience with the franchise) to get a hold of pretty much every Pokémon to date; including Mythicals and Event Pokémon. That would be pretty great to see. We'll have to wait-and-see.

I also feel similarly about the designs we've seen, in terms of the starters and Legendaries being kinda homogenous in appearance. I dig Corviknight, but the rest are "OK" at best. In fact, if anything, I feel like we've already (even in these early stages) seen many instances of over-design. The Legendaries, Leon, and even Corviknight itself I'd consider to be overly fiddly design-wise. That Leon... is...... pretty hard to look at; I'll be honest.
Hey, all. I'm just watching some live gameplay footage they released from the Treehouse demos at E3. LOTS of detail here. Is anyone else seeing this?!?
(Jun 11, 2019, 12:47 PM)DrumminBeard Wrote: Hey, all. I'm just watching some live gameplay footage they released from the Treehouse demos at E3. LOTS of detail here. Is anyone else seeing this?!?

@DrumminBeard Yeah, lots of revelations! I'll post the video here for convenience:

I don't have much time now so I will comment about it (and reply your message) later. Boy, this 3D animation looks awesome!
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UPDATE: I made some notes on the video, for those that don't have 30 mins to watch it.

The Treehouse Team was joined by JUNICHI MASUDA and SHIGERU OHMORI, who walked them through the demo, and answered a few of their questions. Here is a synopsis. Let me know if I've fogotten anything.

The Wild area has both overworld and random encounters simultaneously. There are more different Pokémon species within this area than any other single area in the game. Trainers will still weaken Pokémon before catching them, as in traditional Pokémon games. Weather dictates spawns to some degree, and the weather can change frequently as you travel through the area. Trainers can whistle to get Pokémon's attention, which will either draw Pokémon toward you or drive them away. You can access the area early in the game, but that won't prevent high-level Pokémon from spawning. There will be red lights visible all over the area, showing you where Raids can be performed.

The bicycle is available. It has a dash mode, and allows for seamless travel over water via inflatable floats attached to the axles. There will be random items on the ground in various places, during any given trip through the area.

There is a "Y-Comm" feature in a small overlay to the main playing screen, that will alert you in real-time about nearby Trainers who want to trade, battle, or participate in a Raid. This will work both locally, and via internet communications.

In Raids, each player will get exactly one Pokémon to bring; which can be chosen from either their party or the Box system. A Raid check-in screen will list the players participating and their chosen Pokémon, a silhouette of the Raid Pokémon with its type info and difficulty (looks like a 5-star scale?), the current weather conditions, and the "End" conditions of the Raid (not clear whether these are static).

A Steelix Raid was featured, which is 3-star difficulty; whose End conditions are 10 turns elapsed, or "Pokémon faint four times" (presumably, Revives can be used??). The ability to use Dynamax will rotate each turn, apparently; with only one Trainer able to do so for the duration. Max moves used by Dynamaxed Pokémon will often (always?) have secondary effects, as well as being very powerful. It is possible for the Raid Pokémon to use multiple moves before the players can act again. This particular Steelix had a barrier effect trigger (not a move?) after he'd lost 50% HP, which soaks damage until it's been hit by 5 attacks (Max attacks count as 2). All participants will have the "chance" to catch the defeated Dynamaxed Pokémon (which is different than normal catching mechanics; where you have to weaken, but not KO).

POKÉMON HOME WILL ONLY TRANSFER POKÉMON THAT ARE IN THE GALAR DEX. NO NATIONAL DEX CONFIRMED. This will apparently be the way it is in all future games, with the reason given that this will speed development of future Pokémon titles; due to the sheer number of Pokémon in the world nowadays. They give their assurances that the Galar Dex will be ample, and difficult to complete.

EDIT: I could swear they'd said something about there not being Z-Moves OR Mega-Evolution in this game, during this video. Trying to find it...

EDIT: Here's the exact quote, re: previous EDIT: "It replaces what we've seen previously; for example Mega-Evolution and Z-Moves."
Oh boy, what the heck is happening to Game Freak?  Sad

No national dex, no mega evolution, no Z move, no competitive battling as we know it. I am afraid I can't say that I am still excited about this game.
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