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[DISCUSSION] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
In order, put your opinions on the best to worst Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, I'm curious to see something.
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Super was nice cause enemy could evolve to have extra challenge, though i remember first ones were great too.

(I wonder if next year or this year we get last game pokemon for 3ds as mystery dungeon style sun moon)
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Never played Super because it was the time that I grew up.I have done over 20 times PMD 1 and 2.The best games I have ever played in the spinoff chain.They are the games that grew a pokemon fan up.In order I have to say that gates is the worst for me.PMD 2 had the incredible story with grovyle and dusknoir that no one of those who played it can forget.I can't decide between PMD 1 and 2.I put them in the same place.PMD 1, the original game on the gameboy.The music,the stages, the legendaries, unforgettable.Come on we always cry at the end of PMD 1.(I cry to the end of PMD 2 too but i guess that's just me.)
Explorers of darkness has a special place in my heart, as one of the first PMD games I played. Gates to Infinity was probably my least favorite because I remember disliking the story/progression, but I don't remember that well because it was like 4 years ago
2. The one i loved the most. Amazing music, and good story
1. Almost like 2, but with no gen 4
4. Never played it, but soundtrack is cool
3. never even heard of it

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