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[DISCUSSION] Pokemon Sword and Shield announced
Hey guys! Nintendo finally announces Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch!

The three starters (Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble) seem to be the only new Pokemon revealed so far.
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Due to Aegislash being in Ubers it will be your cover legendary for both games Tongue
So what does everybody think of the reveal? There's obviously a lot of talk going on about it elsewhere, but it seems pretty quiet here.

Excited? Disappointed? Reserved? Hyped? How are y'all feelin'?

I'm going the 'reserved' route myself. I am on the fence about a lot of things, and I don't want to judge too harshly before we've gotten to see more of what there will be to offer in this installment.

Already, I've had a bit of a turnaround on the starters; where I was really lukewarm toward their designs at first, but now I can see their appeal more clearly. That said, I'm far from 'excited' or 'hyped;' but I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this game.
@DrumminBeard I'm really excited about it, though I was a bit put off by the starters appearences too...

It is not that they look like Powerpuff girls (see this), which is cool, but that their design is poor (the three of them really look alike, they kinda remind me of Pansear Pansage and Panpour) and their names sound weird.

But there's still hope, let's see if they can get nice evolutions.  Tongue
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A lot of observations from the picture of Galar region. I will start from the south (by the train route):

From the south, we see a huge town, a countryside farm. We also see a lot of houses. This town is probably the starting town, as from previous experience, most starting town are in rural areas, usually small towns. Some of the more interesting findings are:
* Purple house in the northeast, is it the professor's lab? Or a gym? Maybe we will know more information later.
* Purple house in the middle, is that the trainer's school
* Red house in the southeast. it has the small brown house beside it? Is it a normal farmhouse?
* Yellow house in the southwest, something striking is the path, there is a split, which means that the player can explore the forest, which means bug-type Pokemons. In most Pokemons games, players have to travel past a forest in the early game. But where does it leads to? It does not connect to any town.
* The lake in the north. There is an island at the middle of the lake. What is on that lake.
* Red train station. looks like train is the only transportation to travel to other parts of Galar region.

Next is the plains north of the southern countryside farming town. Some of the findings:
* No train station here. Train does not stop here, it travel directly into the tunnel. The only access is the bridge in the north since the huge industrial city does not have any doors.
* Islands on the lakes, what are on the islands?
* Red house at the south? Is that a house or a tower?
* Weird shaped rock in the east? What is that statue? Is it related to the legendary Pokemons?

Next is the rocky mountains area west of the red castle:
* We see a tunnel where the train exits and travels to the industrial city.
* A cave at the west, looks like a cave for fossils or Rock-Type Pokemons.
* A purple house, it is a smelter? If yes, then it is a mining town. We have Ambrette Town in Kalos and an Oreburgh City in Sinnoh.

Next is the industrial city, everything is blur, so I cannot make any observations. The train leads into another tunnel in the east. It looks like a route in the east of the industrial city.

North of the the route is a coastal city.
* Lighthouse in the far east, it looks small as compared to the Olivine City in Johto, looks around the same size of Sunyshore City, there is an entrance, which means we can enter it, unlike the ones in Hoenn....
* A blue dome in the middle. What is that? Who knows? A new sport or some Pokemon contest?
* What is that patch of hill in the middle of lighthouse and the dome?
* What are on the two islands? One northeast of lighthouse and southeast of light house.

West of the coastal city is another countryside town, similar to the one we start with.
* Another dome similar to the one in the coastal city?
* Some statues. I am not an European nor American. Not sure what does are.
* Connected to the rocky mountain at the south.

(to be continued) I am too busy to continue writing. Sad
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I’m pretty disappointed tbh. The starters are another monkey line and bunny line with the exception of sobble. Also pretty disappointed they revealed a lot of stuff unlike gen 7 with just and announcement and a tease
Big Grin Man am I hyped I exited for the return of wild enconter battles.

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