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[DISCUSSION] Super Mario Odyssey
[Image: 920.gif]

This game is one word>>Great

Never played the game?

I reccomend to try it

Do you like Zelda games too?

I reccomend trying this game tooo

Why ?

Cause its fun fun fun.

Alarm spoiler below about the features>

You can controll sometimes Enemys

Use the hat to take controll of stuff

You can play with a friend whenever you want to try to take down enemy together

Platform game

You can buy items/stuff/ taxi

I have tried this game on my brother console (And i regret sometimes cause i saw lot of spoiler by playing it and i wanted to play from start)

You can ride a strange lion(similiar to pokemon Tauros though only difference is that the lion is always running without stoppng unless you walk away

You can buy clothes and other things just like in sun moon games for your personage

You die? You lose coinnss

Some unique boss fights!
I agree, this is a beautiful game. It's good enough that I can wear a suit combined with a sombrero, and that's all I need.
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Seems like a great game. I don't have a switch so I haven't played it. I'm still not sold on the concept of the switch. What do you think of it @Drangor2 ?

Best to wait for price down of the Switch (my brother bought the switch and got the game together but spend a lot 400 europe money)

+ other stuff for protection screen etc.

Though it has a chance to drop price the next festivals of the upcoming months maybe in your country

Sooner or later if you want to play next pokemon main games you have to get a switch anyway(they might become very good since the switch has a lot of power)

I heard some news that switch also has surpassed the ''Wii '' in selling

I didn't like some other mario games but odessey has some features similiar to Zelda (like the boss)

Which are your genre of games?

(My rpg/ action sometimes/ tactics)
When it comes to game genres, I'd consider myself a tactical genius professional. If it's a RTS, a card game or a turn-based game then I'm bound to win unless my brother's involved because he is a tactical genius.

I'm also a fan of RPGs, some shooters and very particular horror games.
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My trade shop - V2.3
@Drangor2 If I ever do purchase a switch, it will be when the next pokemon game drops. I really don't like a certain type of game genre. If I'm into FPS's then I'll play that. If I feel like shiny-hunting, I'll play pokemon. Sometimes I even play Forza. As long as the game is about something I'm interested in, I'll play it.

I have still to finish u moon, though too much into collecting stuff on old moon to continue u moon.

Btw i might post a new game topic i bought for some of my family members in a few days (though it contains mario)

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