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[DISCUSSION] The Top 5 Memorable NPCs in US/UM! - with 0kamii
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and today I'd like to acknowledge some of our favorite background characters!

NPCs are a strange thing in RPGs. We love some dearly, like the guard that sparked arguably the biggest internet meme of them all (arrow in the knee), and then we have NPCs that are so unbelievably despised that the developers release DLC in which they play a pivotal role in kicking your butt, i.e. the Clap-Trap. But in the Pokémon franchise, NPCs seem to fall somewhere in the middle. The vast majority of them either make a name for themselves, such as Youngster Joey (through means of ceaseless phone calls), and others like Diantha become memorable for how forgettable they are, ironically. For today's post, I thought I'd spotlight some of my personal favorite NPCs from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Each entry will include who they are, where to find them, and what made them so memorable in my opinion. Before we get into the list, I have a few honorable mentions:

Honorable Mentions

The Guys Dressed as Pokémon
[Image: ysbLLGY.png][Image: GdaTEBv.png]
There's not one, but two goofballs in US/UM that thought to dress up as pokémon for various reasons. Both of which wanted attention, but one wanted a very different kind of attention. The guy dressed as Machamp can be found at Hano Grand Resort, while the guy dressed as Hypno resides at the Thrifty Megamart in Royal Avenue. Interesting enough, they both give you TMs. Attract and Rest respectively. Am I the only one that thinks it's odd that there are people running around Alola dressing up like pokémon? Is this what furries are in Alola? OWO...
Actor Meredith
[Image: HkiBrpC.png]
As an aspiring actor/entertainer myself, I identify with Meredith's quest to become more notable in her field. She hopes to do this by becoming more familiar with the many styles of Oricorio, and as such you first meet her in Melemele Meadow. Battle her in all four meadows (Royal Avenue for Pau'e style), and she'll reward you with Swords Dance. If they ever make a sequel to Black 2 an White 2, I hope Meredith makes a cameo in PokéStar Studios.
[Image: QZgcACs.png]
The man, the myth, the legend. Y'all probably expected Kagetora to be on the main list, and he just barely missed out. Obvious, since most of us are youngER players of pokémon, we can relate to Kagetora's dreams of wanting to be the best like no one ever was. However, life happened, and that just didn't occur for him. Unexpectedly however, he's not particularly salty about it. Once you speak to him after becoming champion in the Thirfty Megamart, he'll send you on a sidequest that leads to the Eevium Z. A necessary item if you want to experience the glory that is Extreme Evoboost. Kagetora is just really cool for this reason, but there's five other NPCs that really made me smile.
The Top 5 Memorable NPCs in US/UM! - with 0kamii
5.) Tourist with the Shiny Exeggcute
[Image: FvEncUw.png]
Kind of a standard pick, which is why he's so low on the list. Found in the Seafolk Village Pokémon Center, this guy shocked just about everyone when we first realized he had a Shiny. This is only one of its kind, as this tourist is the only NPC in the franchise outside of a battle facility that openly uses a Shiny pokémon. For that reason alone, I think he's really cool. I was certainly surprised when I first noticed that sparkle of his Exeggcute. And remembering how I almost lost mine, it makes me appreciate this guy even more.

4.) Knee kid on Route 1
[Image: pRu5Jtk.png]
I was first introduced to this kid while watching a video by YourFriedBread. Link to the original video here. Just...why?! Knees are such an odd thing to adore about a pokémon. I mean, to each their own I guess. This kid certainly made an impression me, and after I saw Bread's video, I went looking for this kid in Ultra Moon. Sure enough, there he was. Just waiting on Route 1. You do you, kid. Go chase that dream, whatever you kneed...

3.) Hiker David
[Image: 1EUP6XT.png]
Speaking of memes, y'all had to of known the king was going to show up on this list somewhere. For that very reason, he's not at number one. But y'all can't deny the charm David has. His very existence is the sole reason I maintain that Kiawe's trial is my favorite. @The_Flaine was with me the very first time I played it, and I was expecting it to be a run-of-the-mill memorization game. Nope! Imagine our surprise when this bugger popped in the corner! We laughed until we cried. It's a great thing when something catches you so off-guard, and for me, Hiker David was just that.

2.) The Pokémon Center Barista
[Image: bj4qjMb.png]
Something y'all probably blew completely past during the main playthrough of S/M and US/UM is the barista to the far left corner of every Pokémon Center. At first glance, he seems like a regular salesman, but the thing this...this guy has NO boundaries. You buy anything from him and he will get uncomfortably personal with just about every comment. Be it a Tapu Cocoa, Pinap Juice, or Roserade Tea, this guy does NOT know when to stop talking, and it makes for some hilariously awkward moments. The above quote is probably my favorite just because I'm a fan of TFS Gaming, and I'll never forget the guys' reaction when the saw this quote. There's some profanity involved, so I'll let you guys find it yourselves if you want to watch their reaction. I believe it's their Moon Nuzlocke, part 5. Enjoy, or not...I can't enjoy anything with the image of my mother as a Miltank uttering through my mind... Sad

1.) Youngster Tristan
[Image: SHDVHz5.png]
There's a few reasons why Youngster Tristan is my favorite NPC, from S/M and US/UM. For one, he's one of the first trainers you battle in the entirety of both games (sans Hau). Route 1, just starting out with your Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio, and you fight a bouncing young trainer eager to please. You think nothing of it. Jump forward several weeks to when you've completed the Island Challenge, become Alola's first Champion, return to defend your title, and this kid strolls up to the seat. Your mind immediately races to think where you've seen this kid before, and what do you know? He was there at the beginning! He's toiled, failed, and grow just as much as you, and here he is proving his prowess at the Championship level. That's another reason why I love Tristan. He's half your age, and he still managed to beat the Island Challenge, AND the Elite Four. If this kid ain't a prodigy, I don't know what is. And the last thing that lets Tristan be my favorite NPC, he's a prodigy trainer...and he uses Emolga...
[Image: XKE8ZA0.png]
My man.  Big Grin
Whelp, that's all for today's post. Pardon the delay, work strattled me with another 6-day work week, and I struggled to catch up with school. These word counts my professors enforce are really bumming me out. I mean, ugh, 500 words minimum? I can summarize my point in 200 max! But enough about that, hope you all enjoy today's post, and expect more from me come Friday when it's time to post again. Also, I'll be posting a poll to see if I should continue my "I Am An Axew" series. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest, and if people don't read it, then there's not much point in my continuing it. Let me know your feelings on that, and be sure to let me know what YOUR favorite NPCs were in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. That said, legends in making, I will read you all soon!

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
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Lana because

[Image: VSLana.png]
Oh man, Hiker David is totally the best! Tongue Tongue
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[Image: 240c24557c2b15f2708c4a2f0387ed9e.jpg]


But I guess Hiker David is also cool
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I totally forgot to do the tag at the end of my post! Whoops, guess I really was tired. Today, for my post, I feel like tagging: @smugkitty, @Bendytheinkdemon37, and new user, @Decidueye2804. Your QOTD is:

What is your favorite NPC from US/UM, and why?

I look forward to all the responses, and just for giggles, let's tag user @MajesticMamoswine too. Hope to read you all soon.

- 0kamii
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Lillie cuz shes awesome ( and cuz she saved Nebby pew pew ) and cuz i dont even own the game just got the idea from the trailer XD
(Apr 4, 2018, 11:48 AM)0kamii Wrote: I totally forgot to do the tag at the end of my post! Whoops, guess I really was tired. Today, for my post, I feel like tagging: @smugkitty, @Bendytheinkdemon37, and new user, @Decidueye2804. Your QOTD is:

What is your favorite NPC from US/UM, and why?

I look forward to all the responses, and just for giggles, let's tag user @MajesticMamoswine too. Hope to read you all soon.

- 0kamii

Lillie cuz shes awesome and cause she saved nebby (pew pew)
Shiny exeggcute tourist was definitely the most memorable for me. It was literally an "easter egg"
(Apr 3, 2018, 10:56 PM)0kamii Wrote: I can't enjoy anything with the image of my mother as a Miltank uttering through my mind... Sad

Was this a pun?

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Yes, yes it was. Glad you noticed.

- 0kamii

P.S. Your vote has been cast.
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