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[DISCUSSION] The VGC 2017 Teambuilding Workshop (REDUX)
The VGC 2017 Teambuilding Workshop

Preface: Now that we've had about three months of solid VGC 2017 action, I've decided now is the appropriate time to start his mini-project I've thought doing for sometime. Hence the title, this will be a dedicated teambuilding thread for anyone interested in partaking in building teams from scatch to be well refined. The goal is to have everyone's input in teambuilding when assessing certain ideas, Pokemon, or possible cores together and hopefully creating a team that can stand up to the latest metagame trends from Showdown, Battle Spot WCS, and tournament play. Now not every team I, or anyone here "makes" is going to be perfect as there's going to be some notable weaknesses, so be aware of matchups.  Keep in mind, there are going to be listed rules to ensure the thread doesn't become hog down by requests. We want everyone contributing here to have a meaningful discussion, so don't discredit anyone's ideas. At the same time, I'm going to assume anyone commenting here at least knows what's going on in the VGC scene (or not). Point it, have at least some idea of what the VGC 17 format is, without wasting your time so familiarize yourself with the ruleset. Alright here are the other rules:


The Rules
  1. Do not post about gimmicks, one-liners without thought, or other things that don't contribute to the thread. They'll just get deleted or ignored.
  2. For the sake of organization, we'll work on a maximum of 5 teams at a time, before deciding to throw the curtains on one and/or deem one a "success". If we want to "revisit" a team, then we'll have to wait until there's renewed interest again. If any team building idea goes "dead" for about two weeks, then, we'll move on until renewed interest. 
  3. The following team building ideas / submissions will be made by listing the "Core" (group of pokemon to team build around), and the specific style such as either Hyper Offense, Balance, Trick Room, Weather, or Defensive. Again no gimmicks. 
  4. Do not team build specifically around one Pokemon for the sole purpose of "favoritism". Might as well throw this in there, do not ask about building a team without any Legendary/Ultra Beast Pokemon. Don't want to get into any discourse concerning favorites or no legends, otherwise your ideas won't be considered. 
  5. Don't get anger about the "lack" of activity on this thread. We will all work on these teambuilding discussions through our allocated time. 
  6. Again, don't ask for Breeding, or any Trades here. Those below at their respective sub forums at Forever.
  7. FINALLY, do not PM me to team build with you. Not only am me the other people in the forums busy, but don't press people to team build for them. If anyone agrees to team build with said person, its on them, not me. Same goes to anyone who partakes in this thread as they have the right to refuse any help. 

List of Useful Team Building Resources

Current Teambuilding Ideas
  1. (Levitating Ghosts): Mismagius / Eviolite Misdreavus - Black117

Alrighty then, lets get to it.

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