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[DISCUSSION] Trial Time!
Amazing! You've just been given the role of Trial Captain by the Kahuna! But there's one problem. Nobody knows about your Trial! Better come up with something fun and challenging for those new Trainers. First, what type do you specialize in? What's the Pokemon you have in this Trial? Who's the Totem Pokemon? Well, new Trial Captain, what's so special about your Trial?

I'd be the 5th Trial Captain, I definitely specialize in Bug types. My Trial is based in a forest. First, you have to track down 4 Pineco, but using the Headbutt Trees. But be careful, you can encounter Beedrill, Heracross and even Pinsir here. Once you find the Pineco, you gotta present me with 4 Pineco shells as proof. Pineco has a habit of laying Spikes everywhere, this is why they need to be dealth with. But now, there's a bigger problem. Totem Foretress is angered that you removed the Pineco, and it explodes when it's angry! In the battle, Totem Foretress can call in Pokemon like Pineco and Feroseed to mess with trap setting and Pinsir and Heracross to deal big damage. However, if you overcome the Totem Foretress, you'll be awarded with the Buginium Z!
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Sounds fun Big Grin

I'd be the 7th Trial Captain and specialize in ghost types my trial takes place at an abandoned light house, for my trial trainers must have their rotom dex up to lvl 6 in order to challenge it.
Trainers must take a picture of the sleeping faces of 3 Gastly, 2 Duskulls, and 1 Spiritomb unlike other pokemon when ghost type pokemon sleep they turn transparent almost invisible to the human eye so they must have rotom to lvl 6 in order to unlock his spectral lens to see them, trainers must be careful not to wake them when taking their picture for they will wake up and attack.
After taking a picture of the Spiritomb it wakes up and let's out a spine tingling screech which attracts the attention of the totem pokemon Gengar which to you're surprise is a completely darker color than a regular gengar, it calls in gastly to confuse and put you're pokemon sleep and haunter to deal small damage after defeating him he drops the ghostinium Z at you're feet and disappears into the darkness.
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I'd be one of the last trials. My speciality will always be dragons. As for where it would be, some big ol' stereotypical ruin that us dragon-people love so much. I would probably have a puzzle that requires you to move a big Garchomp statue about the ruin (probably using the machamp ride) until you get it into the central point. On the way there would be some weaker dragons sat in the way of doorways and such that you have to fight. When the statue reaches its destination, it turns out that it was actually the totem Garchomp the whole time - and he ain't too pleased about being thrown all over the place. Just like most totem pokemon, he'd just summon Gabites up and even a Druddigon or 2. Basically for the lols, there would be a really small chance of throwing a salamence at you as well. Once the big man himself is down, I would personally hand the trainer their new z-crystal (because then I feel somewhat important).
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Fire types.  Huge relay hiking scavenger hunt/artifact retrieval using my three faves,  Rapidash, Talonflame, and Mega Absol (not a fire type, but whatever.)  Bonus: you don't pass the trial of the animals don't like you, which keeps with my irl tradition of not hanging with anytime my pets don't like.  Hey, they have good judgment! 

Alternative: water types, with helping Team Aqua flood the world.  Trial is designed to be impossible to pass and would be very bad to succeed at by nature of the goal, but you get an honorary pass if you put forth a good show. This trial will be discontinued by the Pokemon League and the international police once they catch wind of it. Smile *trollface

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