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[DISCUSSION] What Are We All Playing?
I’m playing watch Mew in the waters of Faraway Island. games!
Feels like I'm reporting back from an enemy tribe or something but over the winter I was playing this game called YugiohDuellinks on my phone, it's like online Yu-Gi-Oh but theres no annoying synchro and xyz crap (for now)
It's really well done actually and they update constantly but it's painfully addictive xP
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3
Wanna join me playing at faraway island?

Should I get on with stealing mew’s always correct answers doing my own work?

I just... mess around with anything I can see!
Funny how I found... Brendan’s old phone.
Luckily not wet... tides have been kinda strong here recently
I'm playing through Yellow on the Virtual Console for the second time with the goal of collecting every Pokemon I can without trading for exclusives!

This is my current team...

Pikachu Pidgeotto Butterfree Ivysaur Charmeleon Mew 

After I beat this I'll be playing through Gold on the VC since I've only played Heartgold's Johto, and that was years ago!

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Does anyone have any good iOs games? I don't have an Xbox or Play station, and I do have a wii U, but no switch. Right now im playing bean dreams, and its a cool platformer but I would like your feedback. Also, I am playing Plants vs. Zombies heroes, a game that is like hearthstone in a sense, but like colorful and more childish ( also doesnt take two gigs of space)

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