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[DISCUSSION] What Is/Was Your SM/USUM Ingame Team?
I've fallen back into Pokémon fandom after spending the week of spring break playing some of the older games, and just wanted to spark a little discussion on what our teams are/were for the newest generation.

I don't know about you all, but I usually try to use as many new Pokémon as I can when a new generation comes out, with maybe a few classics from the older games thrown in for nostalgia's sake. Also, though it may seem dull, I actually plan my teams out ahead of time, so I can ensure I have a balanced party before the League. The only Pokémon I don't allow are legendaries, because it's practically cheating...

That said, this was my team on my first and only time playing through Sun:

[Image: decidueye.png] [Image: greninja.png] Marowak-alola [Image: toucannon.png] Golem-alola [Image: kommo-o.png]

This way, I had the usual team balance I aim for with a Fire/Water/Grass core, a Flying type, an Electric type, and then a wildcard, in this case being a Dragon type. Now, of course, Golem and Marowak were their Alolan forms respectively, but I don't know what to type to get the images for those XD 
I also played the Demo that was available in order to get the Ash-Greninja, and I decided I'd throw him on since I never trained one up during the XY days.

As for Ultra Sun, I wanted to play through with a completely different team makeup than the previous run through Alola. And so this was it:

[Image: incineroar.png] [Image: decidueye.png] [Image: gyarados.png]  [Image: braviary.png] [Image: ampharos.png] [Image: lycanroc.png]

As you can see, I still used that same old formula of Fire/Water/Grass/Flying/Electric/Wildcard that I've been rolling with since gen IV, this time with (almost) a completely new lineup. The only reason I used Decidueye again is basically because i don't really like the new Grass types like the Fomantis line. They just aren't all that appealing to me. So, I bred a Rowlet and traded it over. 

Then there's the Gyarados that's actually shiny, being the Golden Fishy I spent the better part of two months breeding for. It wasn't too great statistically, so I figured if I wasn't gonna use it competitively I might as well use it for the campaign. And so I did. The other special guy is the Dusk Form Lycanroc (again, too dumb to figure out image variants) I got as a Rockruff from the event held at the game's release. I hadn't trained a Lycanroc before and I had a special one so I just figured eh, why not. 

All in all, I found the teambuilding for Alola to be very fun considering how bright and diverse the regional Pokémon are compared to older generations. Now that I've talked about my team, I'd love to hear about yours!

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Love the second team, Braviary is awesome.

For Sun I had: [Image: lurantis.png][Image: incineroar.png] [Image: toxapex.png] [Image: solgaleo.png]

​So I genuinely like the Gen VII Pokemon, but I didn't do catching until postgame. Plus I wanted an extra challenge. 

Ultra Sun however, I had my Crystal Version team of
[Image: feraligatr.png] [Image: piloswine.png] [Image: houndoom.png] [Image: dragonite.png] [Image: jolteon.png][Image: suicune.png] 
​​​Because uhh, nostalgia
Timezone is GMT+10 (AEST)

Pfp by foolishlayde on Deviantart
When I first played through Sun, my team was a strange one with a Incineroar, Decidueye (Got an egg from a friend) An Alolan Vulpix (Another egg for early game since they appear late game), An Meganium since I can't leave behind my favorite Pokemon, Ash-Greninja when I got to the point when you unlock him, and just that lonely pokemon in the back for healing the team... (I'm so cruel ;-; )

During my Ultra Moon playthrough this time I didn't use basically any Alolan Pokemon instead of Ninetales yet again.. So my team contained A Lopunny being the leading Pokemon which is found at like the first route (Buneary) and I never used a fighting Pokemon until like mid-game so this was different to me, Ampharos which I was actually shiny hunting for but never found the pink sheep.. I had a long chain and I knew the Pokemon was to cute just to run away from, the Alolan Ninetales which I didn't actually use a lot...and of course another Chikorita becoming an Meganium soon after...

Dull teams yes I know but I just like using the Pokemon I'm more use to.. Maybe I'll go back and replay the games using more Alolan Pokemon.
(Apr 2, 2018, 09:45 PM)Kris Wrote:  

@Kris Since I never used Braviary during gen V, I didn't find out Rufflet evolves at LEVEL 54 until I finished the final trial and had to grind out levels just so he'd be useable at the League XD 

Man, it's pretty cool that you used a team from an older gen for a new game! One of these days I'll get around to picking up Gold on the VC since I haven't played it since I was like 3 lol

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(Apr 2, 2018, 09:49 PM)CrystaleeMew Wrote:  

@CrystaleeMew Hah, I sympathize with the good ol' sacrifice 'mon who only exists to revive teammates XD 

And hey, no team is dull just because it uses 'mons you've used before. I also find it very interesting that your favorite Pokémon is Meganium, usually its Typhlosian when it comes to gen II starters

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Fun Thread Idea, allow me to throw in my two cents,


Decidueye, Slowbro, Lycanroc, Salazzle, Vikavolt, and Solgaleo

With this team it was a lot more structured by what pokemon I liked from the leaks, Decidueye being a cool looking starter, Slowbro starting out as a temporary member to help me through the first island but ended up staying, Lycanroc being a cool rock pupper, Salazzle who I had to re-train as I was unaware that it needed to be female, Vikavolt being a member I just wanted to add.  Then I had caught Solgaleo and used him as the cover legendary.


Incineroar, Toucannon, Magnezone, Wishiwashi, Palosand, and Alolan Exeggutor

For this team I had much more fun.  On the first Island I got Litten as my starter, Magnemite to help me past the teacher battle, pikipeck to help me past Hala, after that I started to like those 2 and let them stay.  On the second Island I got a first encounter shiny wishiwashi from a fishing spot so woot.  3rd Island I caught sandygast who I wanted to use in my Sun team, but couldn't find before I ended the game, so what better time to use one then the remake.  Then I finally got to the 4th Island and realized, "Gee all my pokemon have kind of short necks...."
(Apr 2, 2018, 10:07 PM)FireTaco Wrote:  

@FireTaco Totally get the team based off the leaks thing, I remember my buddy Steve showing me the starters in class and totally freaking out in front of my English teacher over how cute Rowlet was XD 

Man, that's some crazy shiny luck. In all my years I've never encountered a shiny before beating the League. Also Exeggutor-A is amazing XD

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@Kris I like the idea of having a Crystal Version team for the playthrough of Ultra Sun!

I always play Pokemon hard mode myself but using a set of rules very different from Nuzlocke. Actually I just have two rules: (1) the team must contain no legendaries or Water-type Pokemon; (2) the team must contain at least five Fire-type Pokemon.

That said, this was my team in Sun was Incineroar (Lily), Marowak-A (Monica), Salazzle (Salada), Talonflame (Talo), Typhlosion (Firo), Ninetales-A (Ninetales)
[Image: incineroar.png] [Image: 105Marowak-Alola.png][Image: salazzle.png][Image: talonflame.png][Image: typhlosion.png][Image: 038Ninetales-Alola.png]

In Ultra Sun I did something different: I did not have a fixed team because I was always withdrawing-evolving-depositing my mons for the dex, but three mons that I almost always had with me were the totem-sized Marowak-A (Mawaka), Solgaleo (Nebby), Blacephalon (Bozo), Forretress (Pinha):
[Image: 105Marowak-Alola.png][Image: 791Solgaleo.png][Image: 806Blacephalon.png][Image: 205Forretress.png]

There was a certain Pokemon in the playthrough of US that was very tough to defeat, I had to rely on Forretress' Sturdy + Toxic + Protect, Marowak's Never Ending Nightmare and tons of Max Revives!
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For my first Sun play through I had:
Inceniroar(Vulcan), Decidueye(Alvoth), Mudsdale(Sleipneir), Passimian(Wukong), A -Ninetails(Elsa), and the sixth slot varried. At one point I had a Bounsweet(Demeter), a Cubone(Thanatos) and all sorts of others.

Then I did a Moon Wonderlocke and I had a Lucario, a Serperior, Metagross, Gengar, Umbreon, and pokemon that died all the time(Those first five never died). I think I ended with a Primarina.

Then for Ultra Moon I had:
Inceniroar(Vulcan II), a Mudsdale, a Quilava(Sanic), Lucario, Pikashu, and Dusk Lycanroc.
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
Current US team: 

With a marshadow at 1st.

[Image: magearna.png]

[Image: celebi.png]

[Image: phione.png]

[Image: diancie.png]

[Image: deoxys.png]

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