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[DISCUSSION] Where Does Your Username Come From?
Everyone has different usernames, and no one's is the same. Maybe you've had more than one or stuck with one throughout your entire life online.
Why did you choose the username you have, and where does it come from?
What does it mean, or how did you think of it?
Is this your first ever username or have you used other names before?
If people have trouble with your username, what short form or nickname do you want to be referred to as instead?
Even for some people, how do you pronounce your username?

I'll start by answering these questions for my username: Hikikomari.
[EDIT: I've been considering changing it, so if I do, I'll just edit this post or make a new reply to the thread.]

I chose the username I did because quite honestly I didn't want to sign up with my username from other forums. I've been in a rough time recently, especially on the day I joined this forum (which was only three days ago, wow.) so I wanted a username I still liked that wouldn't be linked to other accounts if I didn't want to. If I asked someone what username they thought of when they thought of me, they'd never say Hikikomari, they'd say something else.

The name is actually a pun, though it's in Japanese.
"Hikikomori" is a term used to describe adolescents or adults who withdraw from society and stay inside their homes. While I don't believe the term would fully apply to me, I still somewhat relate to it.
"Komari" is the name of a character from one of my favourite anime series, Non Non Biyori. Komari is really cute and I really like her and wanted to change my avatar on a previous site to a picture of her. I thought of the name Hikikomari after doing this, and thought it was funny how similar the names were, but how different the term and the character were from each other, so it stuck with me where I included it temporarily in an old profile.

This should be self-explanatory from the rest of what I've written so far, but Hikikomari is not my first username I've used online. It's probably closer to my 10th.

I imagine others would have trouble with my username, and that it's hard to say. For alternatives or nicknames, I'd go with Komari, since it's an actual name. On top of that, Komari is often called Koma-chan as a nickname, and that would be cute. She's also called Senpai by another character, though I doubt I'd really be a Senpai to anyone here.

I also imagine it's difficult to pronounce, so here you go:
"Hee-kee-ko-mah-ri" is the correct pronunciation.

I created this thread not only to share where my username comes from but to throw some tags out to some people who I'm curious about. You don't have to tag anyone or answer if you've been tagged, but I thought it'd be a nice way to make discussion easier.

@Black Waterfall

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