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[DISCUSSION] Where Does Your Username Come From?
Pwimawh Kiogah - Comes from this -obviously now deleted due to copyright- roblox pokémon roleplay-ish game, pokémon legends. My sister was doing an odd voice as regigigas trying to help my brother catch 'em all, he was a porygon. When going down to get regigigas, I, as a derpy-adorable looking Primal Kyogre, slaughtered him with a sheer cold, screaming in a high pitch voice I can't replicate, "GIT UP". I used the username on my alt -now main- Roblox account since then, but later changed it to Elegant_Atrocity, which will be the name for my "band" *but basically just anything related to the whole project*. I rarely use Quicksilver -or Quicksilver Fox- as usernames, but Quicksilver is my personal alias. Of course, you can see past usernames, and I still use it for other things. The stupidity will always live on.

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