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[DISCUSSION] Why does Japan get all the cool Pokémon
I'm not trying to sound rude or ungrateful but why does Japan always get the good stuff. Yes the creator Satoshi Tajiri was born and raised in Japan which might not have anything to do with the release of certain Pokémon. But why doesn't America or any other region get treated the same America spends way more than any other country on Pokémon games plushies etc. Well not a complete rant but post below what you think and tell me if I'm wrong I like criticismSmile
because americans are filthy, obviously.
Well since Satoshi Tajiri was the creator of Pokemon and he lives in Japan , so cool pokemon stuff will begin in Japan first since Pokemon was first created in Japan

Anyways that's what I think
(Jul 15, 2017, 04:35 PM)écarlate Wrote: because americans are filthy, obviously.
Lol French Canadians
Shimono Hiro!

Yeah, besides, there are far more players there to test wether or not the event will be well-received or not, so that other regions don't have to put up with stupid events.

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