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[DISCUSSION] Wow, I Just Can't Even ...
Merry Christmas @Justin, you are the reason why I joined and even got into competitive and this nice big family you created is the reason I stayed, Thanks for all your hard work, you are awesome  Heart
Just for once, i won't ruin a thread - this is a gift, for you Smile Happy Holidays and good luck with whatever you are gonna do Wink
Merry Christmas @Justin  you are an amazing influence to all you reach, your uplifting attitude and kind demeanor has always been IMHO under appreciated you deserve everything this poke world has to offer you. thanks again for everything you do and happy holidaze to you and yours!! 
cheers m8  :D
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Merry Chirstmas
Merry Christmas! :D
That Psyduck though. Merry Christmas @Justin!

By the way, there were no videos of said crying, were there? You know...for science.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
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Happy Holidays everyone.

Sidenote; We're like a big family
Look at every one of those.

See those really badly cut ones?

That's done by me.

You're welcome.
I guess I'll drop my REAL note here;

It was really fun to do this. Naitre and I were cutting these out for what felt like an hour, talking about the members, you, and roasting people like GMX the entire time. It was really fun. Merry Christmas, Flynn. You mean a lot to us all and you single handedly have made a home for people. Because you got the idea of making a site, this is what happened. Hundreds of members everyday. Thousands every week. You've given people friends, you've given people new hobbies, you've resparked battlers, traders, breeders, shiny hunters, and more all by working on this site.

Thanks for giving me a chance, and giving me a reason to keep playing. I was done with VGC entirely, and only played Smogon. Shofu wasn't streaming so I did my daily search through twitch praying to find someone who was actually entertaining. It never happened, until I found your stream. I remember lurking and watching you slowly peak into VGC. I remember your first team, a trick room team. Mega Kang, slowking, amoongus I think? reuniclus..Ferrothorn? I can't remember that was so many years ago. It made me wanna play VGC again. I remember my first tournament. I beat mudkip, that was dope. He missed hydro pump on my scizor. Sorry, Kip. Get 4-0'd, scrub Pokemon is a skill based game

I actually lost to you. Battling you is weird on stream because I get nervous. I remember you crit me, and flinched me with rock slide on my t-tar with your garchomp and were super apologetic. You said you weren't sure if that mattered or not, but little did you know I was HP ice so it definitely mattered lol i hate you to this very day

I remember getting naitre to watch you to, I was super surprised that she actually enjoyed your content because she's even pickier than I am when it comes to youtubers/steamers. I was done with VGC. Naitre was done with Pokemon in general. But because of you, here we are.

TLDR; Even though I'm not as serious, and don't have the love for the game anymore, you gave me many years of more Pokemon. Thanks, dude.
50 thousand people used to live here...Now it's a ghost town.
(Dec 23, 2016, 06:40 PM)naitre Wrote: Don't worry, @Justin. I found your Toucan

[Image: 250px-733Toucannon.png]

I take back everything I said.
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I've read all your replies in this thread; even that ungrateful jerk @Rogue's. It really does mean more to me than I could ever explain.

I don't talk about this in public a lot, but my first introduction to a Pokemon community was incredibly unkind; which is what lead me to "start" PokemonForever.

I say "start" because you have all participated in the development of this community, and it wouldn't be the same without you.

At times you may think that your contributions aren't important, but every single post you make shapes the atmosphere of this site. Thanks to you I'm convinced that anyone visiting PokemonForever for the first time will feel nothing but welcome.

Merry Christmas, and thanks again for an amazing year!
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