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OGaryOak's Shiny Journal !
Hello all!
Afer an incredibly busy week of finals i finally got my Journal Updated!! 
hope you all enjoy!

I got the Idea (and the Permission) from @Confide Thanks and Props!!
all of these caught with shiny charm (i obtained in game legitimately) 
Hope you all enjoy!!

Month #1


1st Shiny In Generation 6th !! 
Shuppet!!  Nicknamed: Casper
[Image: shuppet.gif]      Evolved into:   [Image: banette.gif]    Mega: [Image: banette-mega.gif]

How : 256 Horde Encounters @ Mt Pyre (Outside)
When : 9/28/2016
Luxury Ball 

2nd Shiny ( 1st Gen 6th Unplanned Shiny Pregnancy !! Masuda Method )
Nicknamed: Blair Witch

[Image: gothita.gif]Evolved into: [Image: gothorita.gif]Evolved into: [Image: gothitelle.gif]

How : Masuda Method with Japan Ditto !
Filling up living Dex Breeding Multiple Pokemon i believe it was the 13th pokemon that was breed
and i see this lil button with beautiful purple eyes !! 
When: 9/29/2016
Where:Egg Hatched:Lumiouse City 
Ultra Ball

3rd Shiny (1st Dex NavEd Shiny in Alpha Sapphire) 
Nicknamed: Dubious Duck!!

[Image: porygon.gif]Evolved into: [Image: porygon2.gif] Evolved into : [Image: porygon-z.gif]
How: 93 Dex Nav Encounters 
When : 10/3/2016
Where: Mirage Island
Dive Ball

4th Shiny (1st Chain Fished Shiny In Alpha Sapphire)
Nicknamed: Beauty 

[Image: feebas.gif]Evolved Into: [Image: milotic-f.gif]
How: 113 Chain Fishing Encounters 
When : 10/3/2016
Where: Route 119
Dive Ball

5th Shiny ( 1st Chain Fished Shiny in Pokemon X)

[Image: corphish.gif] Evolved into [Image: crawdaunt.gif]
How: 27 CHain Fishing Encounters   was just messing around before i went to bed one night and got really lucky!
WHen : 10/5/2016
Where Faraway Place

6th Shiny
Nicknamed: Benjii 

[Image: whiscash.gif]
How:74 Chain Fishing Encounters
When 10/10/2016
Where: Route 19
Dive Ball
 I got stuck on this Route because i absolutely needed to chain fish a Shiny Dragonair!!

7th Shiny 
Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
[Image: poliwhirl.gif]Evolved into [Image: poliwrath.gif]
How: 141 CHain FIshing Encounters
When : 10/11/2016
Where: Route 21 
Net Ball

8th Shiny 
Poliwhirl  - Politoed

[Image: poliwhirl.gif]Evolved into [Image: politoed-f.gif]
How: 61 Chain Fishing Encounters
When 10/11/2016
Where : Route 21
Dive Ball

9th Shiny 
[Image: basculin.gif]
How: 94 Chain Fishing Encounters
When: 10/11/2016
Where: Route 21
Dusk Ball 

10th Shiny

[Image: poliwhirl.gif]
How: 23 CHain Fishing Encounters
Where: Route 21
Net Ball

11th Shiny 

[Image: poliwhirl.gif]
How: 69 chain fishing encounters 
When: 10/11/2016
Where: Route 21
Net Ball

12th Shiny (1st Friend Safari Shiny in GEn 6TH!!!)
Nicknamed: Charlotte 

[Image: ariados.gif]

How: 4th encounter was trying to clear the 3rd question mark 1st encounter of ariados in safari and its a shiny !!!
and so started my Friend safari hunts!!
When 10/12/2016
WHere: Friend Safari
Net Ball

13th Shiny
[Image: magikarp-f.gif]Evolved into [Image: gyarados-f.gif]Mega:[Image: gyarados-mega.gif]
How:127 Chain Fishing Encounters
Where:Route 3
Premier Ball

14th Shiny 
Dragonair !!!

[Image: dragonair.gif] Evolved into [Image: dragonite.gif]
How: ONLY 14 Chain Fishing Encounters after a total of 7 other shinies!!!  i almost fainted !
Where: Route 21 
Master Ball

15th Shiny 

[Image: boldore.gif] Evolved Into [Image: gigalith.gif]

How: 363 Friend Safari Encounters 
When : 10/15/2016
Where: Friend Safari
Net Ball

16th Shiny 

[Image: clefairy.gif]Evolved into [Image: clefable.gif]

How: 1st Friend Safair Encounter (after 721 encounters in a different safari)
When: 10/16/2016
Where: Friend Safari 
Master Ball

17th Shiny
[Image: stunky.gif] Evolved into  [Image: skuntank.gif]
How: 435 Horde Encounters
Where: Route 11
When 10/17/2016

18th Shiny
[Image: farfetchd.gif]
How: 286 Friend Safari Encounters
When: 10/17/2016
Where: Friend Safari
Master Ball

19th Shiny (1st Shiny Legend In Alpha Sapphire!!)

[Image: heatran.gif]
How: 968 Soft Resets! ( very first shiny legend sooooo pumped when it happened!)
When: 10/18/2016
Where: Scorched Slab
Master Ball

20th Shiny 

[Image: dedenne.gif]

How: 303 Friend Safari Encounters
Where: Friend Safari
Ultra Ball

21st Shiny
Nicknamed: Queen Bee

[Image: combee-f.gif] evolved into [Image: vespiquen.gif]
How: 445 Friend Safari Encounters W/ Male Cute charm 
Where: Friend Safari
Master Ball

22nd Shiny

[Image: wobbuffet.gif]
How: 97 Friend Safari Encounters 
When: 10/22/2016
Where: Friend Safari
Master Ball

23rd Shiny

[Image: gastrodon.gif]
How: 7th Friend Safari Encounter again was attempting to clear 3rd question mark and first Gastrodon encounter Shiny!!
When: 10/23/2016
Where: Friend Safari
Ultra Ball

24th Shiny 
Nicknamed : Dwayne  Cool

[Image: regirock.gif]
How:2,867 Soft Resets many times i doubted it was even real!
When: 10/23/2016
Where : Desert Ruins
Master Ball

25th Shiny

[Image: petilil.gif]Evolved into [Image: lilligant.gif]
How:256 Friend Safari Encounters
Where: Friend Safari
Master Ball

26th Shiny
Nicknamed: Kookie

[Image: krabby.gif]Evolved into [Image: kingler.gif]

How: 203 Friend Safari Encounters
Where: Friend Safari 
Luxury Ball

27th Shiny

[Image: foongus.gif]
How: 2ND HORDE ENCOUNTER first crazy luck with horde encounter i was in doubt when it happened and then i got horde crazy
Where: Route 20 
Luxury Ball

28th Shiny
Nicknamed: Killer Frost

[Image: regice.gif]

How:1,742 Soft Resets 
When: 10/27/2016
Where: Ice Cavern
Master Ball

This was the most insane luck i have ever had while shiny hunting yet
It all happened within a 6 hour time frame

29th Shiny

[Image: skorupi.gif]Evolved into [Image: drapion.gif]
How:78 Horde Encounters
When: 10/28/2016
Where: Route 14
Great Ball

30th Shiny

[Image: vanillite.gif]Evolved into [Image: vanillish.gif] Evolved into [Image: vanilluxe.gif]
How: 38 Horde Encounters
Where : Frost Cavern
Heal Ball

31st Shiny
Geodude  I came prepared W/Telekenesis !!!

[Image: geodude.gif]Evolved into[Image: graveler.gif]Evolved into [Image: golem.gif]
How: 56 Horde Encounters
Where: Route 18
Ultra Ball

32nd Shiny 

[Image: yanma.gif] Evolved Into  [Image: yanmega.gif]

How: 42 Horde Encounters
When: 10/29/2016-- 1:00 am 
Where: Route 10 
Great Ball

Month #2

Month Number 2
33rd Shiny

[Image: foongus.gif] Evolved into [Image: amoonguss.gif]
How: 137 Horde Encounters
When: 10/29/2016
Where: Route 20
Luxury Ball 

34th Shiny

[Image: wingull.gif]Evolved Into [Image: pelipper.gif]
How:194 Horde Encounters
Where: Route 12
Nest Ball

35th Shiny

[Image: murkrow-f.gif]  Evolved into :[Image: honchkrow.gif]
How: 542 Horde Encounters
When: 10/29/2016
Where: Route 15/Route16

36th Shiny

[Image: magmar.gif] Evolved into [Image: magmortar.gif]
Nicknamed: LadySwagmar

How: 371 Friend Safari Encounters
When: 10/30/2016
Where: Friend Safari
Premier Ball

37th Shiny

[Image: hoppip.gif] Evolved into [Image: skiploom.gif] Evolved into [Image: jumpluff.gif]
How: 429 Horde Encounters
When: 10/30/2016
Where: Route 7
Heal Ball

38th Shiny

[Image: spinda.gif]
How: 604 Horde Encounters
When: 10/31/2016
Where : Route 21
Nest Ball

39th Shiny

[Image: swablu.gif] Evolved into [Image: altaria.gif]MEga:[Image: altaria-mega.gif]
How: 728 Horde Encounters (114 encounters after spinda)
When: 10/31/2016
Where Route 21
Ultra Ball

40th Shiny

[Image: roggenrola.gif]
How:804 Horde Encounters
When: 11/1/2016
Where: Reflection Cave
Luxury Ball 

41st Shiny
Nickname: Blue Steel

[Image: registeel.gif]
How: 1,389 Soft Resets
When: 11/1/2016
Where: Ancient Tomb
Master Ball

42nd Shiny

[Image: kirlia.gif]Evolved into [Image: gardevoir.gif] Mega: [Image: gardevoir-mega.gif]
How: 56 Friend Safari Encounters
Where: Friend Safari
When: 11/2/2016
Luxury Ball

43rd Shiny

[Image: regigigas.gif]
How: 2,243 Soft Resets
Where: Island Cave
When: 11/3/2016
Master Ball

Finally Finished up the legends that i had left to catch on my File before i clear file for starter and im really glad i did a total
of 5 legends before i attempted a starter because it was really good to build patience !!!

44th Shiny

[Image: gulpin.gif] Evolved into[Image: swalot.gif]
How: 782 Horde Encounters
Where : Route 5
When: 11/9/2016
Quick Ball

45th Shiny (1st 6th Gen Shiny Starter!!)
Nicknamed: FireFox 
I love him soo much Cool Heart
[Image: torchic.gif] Evolved into [Image: combusken.gif] Evolved into [Image: blaziken.gif] Mega: [Image: blaziken-mega.gif]
How: 33,743 Soft Resets( I might hold the record on SR for a starter in ORAS correct me if im wrong!) SO WORTH IT
many times i thought i was losing my mind it took exactly a week started friday ended next friday
Where: Route 101 
When: 11/11/2016

46th Shiny 
[Image: trevenant.gif]
How: 177 Horde Encounters 
Where: Route 20
When: 11/19/2016

47th Shiny 

[Image: floatzel.gif]
How: 94 Horde Encounters
Where: Victory Road Fl 4 
When: 11/19/2016

48th Shiny

[Image: graveler.gif]
How:906 Horde Encounters 
Where: Victory Road Fl 3
Ultra Ball

49th shiny 
Stunky #2 
[Image: stunky.gif]
How: 249 Horde Encounters
Where: Route 11
When : 11/21/2016
Premier Ball

50th Shiny 
Nidoran M
[Image: nidoran_m.gif] Evolved into [Image: nidorino.gif] Evolved into [Image: nidoking.gif]   I wish this one had more of a suttle blue/grey like Nidorino's 
How:670 Horde Encounters
Where: Route 11 
When: 11/22/2016
Luxury Ball 

51st Shiny 

[Image: virizion.gif]
How: 13,025 Soft Resets (My most SR's for shiny legend ) 
Where: Pathless Plain
When 11/22/2016
Luxury Ball

52nd Shiny

[Image: mareep.gif] Evolved Into [Image: flaaffy.gif]Evolved Into[Image: ampharos.gif] Mega:[Image: ampharos-mega.gif]

Month # 3

53rd Shiny
Wingull # 2

[Image: wingull.gif]
How:165 Horde Encounters
Where: Route 8
When: 12/2/2016
Nest Ball

54th Shiny
[Image: dialga.gif]
How:16,048 Soft Resets (My most for a shiny legend)
Where: Soaring iN the Sky (Wicked Awesome Description)
When: 12/3/2016
Master Ball

55th Shiny 

[Image: lotad.gif]Evolved Into [Image: lombre.gif]Evolved Into [Image: ludicolo.gif] <---one of my all time favorite pokemon and its shiny is one of a kind 
How:510 Horde Ecounters
Where: Route 102
When: 12/4/2016
Luxury Ball

56th Shiny 
 [Image: zigzagoon.gif] Evolved Into [Image: linoone.gif]
How:127 Horde Encounters (after Lotad)
Where: Route 102
When: 12/4/2016
Luxury Ball

57th Shiny

[Image: wurmple.gif] evolved into [Image: silcoon.gif] Evolved into [Image: beautifly.gif]
How:271 Horde Encounter(got it on the last horde encounter iwas going to do before i went to bed!! so glad i decided to do one more afte 270!)
Where: Petalburg Woods
When: 12/5/2016
Luxury Ball 

58th Shiny 
[Image: weepinbell.gif]Evolved into [Image: victreebel.gif]  <-----(again not ony one of my all time favorite pokemone but also one of my favorite Shiny sprites)
How: 4,237 Horde Encounters ( i dont want to talk about it lol )
Where: Route 19 (aka Drought City)
When: 12/5/2016
Luxury Ball

59th,60th,61st,62nd,63rd,64th Shiny
..... soooooo many zubats.......
[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif]
How: 147, 210, 281,326,434,and 502 Horde Encounters 
Where : Granite Cave 
When : all on the same day  :s  12/6/2016 i will be giving away 3 of these in my next giveaway!
Luxury Ball

65th Shiny

[Image: zekrom.gif]
How: 792 SR 
Where: Fabled Cave
When: 12/9/2016
Master Ball 

66th Shiny 
[Image: thundurus.gif]
How: 420 Soft Resets ( Icouldnt even make this up if i tried) 
Where: Soaring in the Sky 
When: 12/10/2016
Master Ball

67th Shiny 
[Image: zubat.gif]Evolved Into [Image: golbat.gif]Evolved Into [Image: crobat.gif]
How:1st DexNav Encounter after Thundurus and officialy my 1st ever Back to Back Shiny on the same game!
Where: Meteor Falls 
Luxury Ball

68th Shiny 
Lugia !  Nicknamed: RedTide
Finally the last ALpha Sapphire Exclusive Legendary!!
now onto OmegaRuby
[Image: lugia.gif]
How: ERmaGahd  21,936 SRs....... bleh (#UnluckyShinyHunterBoss)
Where:Sea Mauville
PREMIER BALL!! Cool  yah im cool 

69th Shiny
Lunatone Nicknamed: Luna

[Image: lunatone.gif]
How: 107th SurfNav 
Where: Meteor Falls 
When: 12/18/2016

70th Shiny 
[Image: plusle.gif]
How : 235 Horde Encounters 
Where : Route 110
When : 12/20/2016

7th Generation Shiny Pokemon

1st Shiny 
[Image: pikipek.gif]Evolved Into  [Image: trumbeak.gif] Evolved Into [Image: toucannon.gif] 

How: 1st ever Random Encounter Shiny While playing through story!!!!  after 7th generations FINALLY!!!!!
Where: Route 1!!!!
When :11/21/2016
Luxury Ball

2nd Shiny
[Image: cutiefly.gif]Evolved Into  [Image: ribombee.gif]
How: 1st ever SOS encounter Shiny Was training up pikipek on cutiefly because of type advantages and 183 SOS calls later Shiny CutieFly !!
Where: Route 2
When: 11/21/2016
Luxury Ball

3rd Shiny 
[Image: comfey.gif] 
How: 767 Random Encounters ( Phase 1 Started hunting for the worlds 1st wild shiny oranguru and i got the other 5% first phase!!)
When: 12/6/2016
Where: Lush Jungle
Luxury Ball

4th Shiny 
 [Image: fomantis.gif] Evolved Into  [Image: lurantis.gif]
How: 123 Random ENcounters After Comfey!!(phase 2)
When: 12/6/2016
Where: Lush Jungle
Luxury Ball

5th Shiny 
[Image: trumbeak.gif]
How: 1,692 Random Encounters
Where: Lush Jungle 
Luxury Ball

6th Shiny 
LITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mr Mittens)   my first 7th gen shiny starter i love him so much !!! Heart
[Image: litten.gif] Mr MIttens Stays A Litten!
How:200 Eggs on the dot (charm and No MM)
When: 12/11/2016
Where: Paniola Ranch 

7th Shiny 
LITTEN!!!!! (Meowcho Man)
after 200 eggs for the first one i was in disbelief i walked away from DS during hatch sequence only to return to my 2nd shiny litten !!!! best way to return to your ds ever 
 (Perfect IVS  Cool  and desired nature wow did i get lucky!!!)
[Image: litten.gif] Evolved into [Image: torracat.gif]evolved Into [Image: incineroar.gif] 
How: 43 eggs after 1st Shiny litten (charm and MM)
When: 12/12/2016
Where: Paniola Ranch 

8th shiny
Shiny Litten #3 !! (Mr GoodKat)
[Image: litten.gif] Evolved Into [Image: torracat.gif]
How:21 eggs after 2nd shiny litten (charm and MM)
When: 12/12/2016
Where: Paniola Ranch 
Poke Ball

9th Shiny 
Eevee Nicknamed: LunarEclipse

[Image: eevee.gif] Evolved into [Image: umbreon.gif]
How: 159 SOS Calls 
When: 12/23/2016
Where: Route 4

10th Shiny 
Salandit Nicknamed: Mushu 
[Image: salandit.gif]
How:4 SOS calls .....what?
(messed up big time because i didnt have my male cute charmer so its a male) Dodgy
When: 1/1/2016 ( woot new year shiny :D !!)
where: Wela Volcana Park
Luxury Ball

11th SHiny 
ALOLAN SANDSHREW!!!!   nicknamed : SlushSLash 

[Image: sandshrew-alola.gif] Evolved INto [Image: sandslash-alola.gif]

How: 5 chains all to 250 got it on the 6th chain at 101 honestly was only going for a good IV Parent in a heavy ball to breed with
(It has Perfect IVS in SPeed, Att, Sp ATt ,and defense. very good Sp def and Pretty good HP and Hidden Ability   :D )
When: 1/2/2016

I didnt have any mons to status change so i was only able to false swipe its health down to 1HP
since this game has launched i have dreamed of a good IV sandshrew with hidden ability inside 
a HEAVY BALL it just looks perfect 
AND IT CRITICAL CAPTURED Angry  im not upset about it at all ...... 
i will never be happy again  Undecided Sad

12th Shiny 

[Image: hakamo-o.gif]
How : 842 SOS Calls ( 3 day chain ..... sorry 3ds battery)
2 no good IVS in attack and defense (RNJesus GIveth and Taketh) 
lol Shelfing this shiny and will be attempting to breed one that is BR 
Where: Vast Poni Canyon
When: 1/3/2016
Luxury Ball 



[Image: basculin.gif]
Ko'ed itself instantly 

Basculin #2 
[Image: basculin.gif]
Again it Ko'ed itself instantly

learned my lesson and added a ghost type to my party after this one
(Final Gambit and Recoil moves dont do any damage to user because they cant be used against ghost types)
i also learned to do recon on any possible shiny encounters while hunting 
which saved me a dragonair fail because i learned about dragontail!

Extra Shinies!  ( when i have 5 or more i will do a give away!!)

Foongus ,Zubat's 
[Image: foongus.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif],[Image: zubat.gif]

THanks too anyone who took the time to Go through my Shiny Journal!! 
If you have any cool nickname ideas id love to hear them only for the ones i dont have nicknames for plz!

hope you enjoyed! and check back in the future for more of my shiny hunts!
Check out my Shiny Journal to share you own shiny adventures 
and see my new shiny pokemon!
haha, you added a failure tab. Not to long ago I found a shiny seviper and right when I was set to catch it, it used Final Gambit...

I was also wondering, how do you add "spoiler" tabs?
(Nov 16, 2016, 08:13 AM)MrRhino Wrote: haha, you added a failure tab. Not to long ago I found a shiny seviper and right when I was set to catch it, it used Final Gambit...

I was also wondering, how do you add "spoiler" tabs?

darn thats a serious bummer i never leave the bank without a ghost type pokemon just incase !
and Seviper is a tricky one because it can have Final Gambit from an egg move Huh :s   

Spoiler tabs are easy!! 
once you get the hang of it 

Type the Title above the text line like so : Title
just type spoiler in [       ]  and then content then /spoiler in [      ] 

if that doesnt help here is a post from naitre about Spoilers and how to use them

and here is where i found all of the shiny sprites thanks to @Confide

Hope this helps!

Good luck with your own journal! i look forward to seeing it ! 

and as always 
may the shiny odds be ever in your favor Cool
Check out my Shiny Journal to share you own shiny adventures 
and see my new shiny pokemon!
Hi! Nice Shinies! I just wanted to let you know of this other website called Poke Stadium. Just type that in the search bar. It's also another pokemon sprite page and it's where I get mine. Just wanted to let you know  Smile
Does anyone know where to get 7th Generation Animated Shiny Sprites??
Check out my Shiny Journal to share you own shiny adventures 
and see my new shiny pokemon!
WHOA so many soft resets for Torchic! Seeing posts like these makes me want to try it myself but most of my time postgame in Pokemon are spent breeding for competitive. I sometimes get lucky with baby shinies though.

Great list man, keep it up. Hope you aim for a shiny living dex
I'm a logger

I record my Pokemon journey in this diary

so a journeyer?

(Nov 22, 2016, 06:39 PM)jouzea Wrote: WHOA so many soft resets for Torchic! Seeing posts like these makes me want to try it myself but most of my time postgame in Pokemon are spent breeding for competitive. I sometimes get lucky with baby shinies though.

Great list man, keep it up. Hope you aim for a shiny living dex

Thanks for the kind words man i appreciate them!

Lucky baby shinies FTW :D
Check out my Shiny Journal to share you own shiny adventures 
and see my new shiny pokemon!
Bumpdate ! 

added all of new shiny hunts including generation 7 !
Check out my Shiny Journal to share you own shiny adventures 
and see my new shiny pokemon!
Found a shiny Ribombee Full Outs Random Enc when i was just going to pick up my cosmog
@seanthegrim CONgrats dude !! thats an awesome random enounter shiny for gen 7!!  Ribombee is easily one of my top 3 favorite 7th gen pokemon the scarf coloring on the shiny sprite is on point!
Check out my Shiny Journal to share you own shiny adventures 
and see my new shiny pokemon!

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