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[DISCUSSION] Yugioh or Magic
Which one do you prefer to play.

Personally I'm a Yugioh man myself you know I play pendelums
Love seeing this here xD Id found yugioh to be more fun before all the xyz crap but i can still manage, the parallel summoning stuff is just ridiculous -____- kinda feel like z-moves are going in that direction... Magic is probably more of a thinking game like I find a good match in magic to be kinda similar to a great battle in Pokemon so id have to say I probably prefer magic :p
I would have to say Yu-Gi-Oh! It's one of those games that I've been playing for the longest time, and I have a bad case of deck loyalty to my Crystal Beasts. Unfortunately, they just got hit super hard now that Pendulum Monsters are stuck in the Spell & Trap Card Zone, so my buddies may finally be put into the Graveyard. We'll just have to see. Perhaps it's finally time to make the switch to Red-Eyes?

- 0kamii
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I prefer yugioh by far. I'm not a big fan of card games in general but Yugioh is kind of an exception, I sed to play for hours with my brothers as a kid. I don't play that much anymore, but I keep up to date with all the rules and mechanics. Magic looks complicated to me
I never got into Yugioh as a kid, and I only really started getting into trading card games a few years ago. I used to collect for magic a lot, but that focus shifted to Pokemon TCG now (it's a simplier and more fun game, I think ^^)
Never played either!
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Yugioh duel links is interesting sometimes(for now only cards +characters from original Series Like yami yugi) and the best thing about the game are the events , like right now is unique event with a dice. (Free to play yugioh duel links on playstore etc)
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