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[FOR TRADE] A Sinnoh hat for trade as well as giving away one Kanto hat
Hello. While I'm waiting for a shiny bagin to get a new home, (go to the Legitmon Shinies #1 on the Trading forum if you're interested)
I'll be trading an Ash Hat Pika :P

[Image: sinnoh-ash-hat-pikachu.png]
Sinnoh Hat Pikachu, Lvl 100, Male (I might be able to give it Pokerus if you want)
 and I'll just give this one away below:

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR1sbRcwq3RsgcQWc0s13W...RtQzrAQNke]
Kanto hat Pika.Lvl 100,Male(I think one of them has Pokerus)

I'll just pick a random user using a name picker :P At least 5 people must join in order for this to occur.

Chances are you could be saying "Why Kanto, and not Sinnoh?"
If there is enough demand for it in the comments, Then I'll give away Sinnoh as well, and I'll change the prefix to Giveaway :P Basically cause there is nothing to trade for.
Want More Info on the pikas? PM me.

(they are from Giveaways not from here, Kanto hat from WT)
Could I please have the Kanto Hat Pikachu?

I'm a huge fan of the original series and I think that it's simply awesome that some of Ash's Pokemon are now canon in the games  Big Grin
I'm game for it
@TimeTwist I have already sent you a Pm and still am waiting for your decision for your pick on my shinies
and I also want to join the giveaway
Hope to win that pikachu!

Well, there's 4 people here so I might as well put my name down. I need something to do with all this free time.

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