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[FOR TRADE] Hidden ability pokemon I have for ones I don't
Ok, I have come up with 10 of my most desired hidden abilities (mainly due to difficulty to get)

1. Basculin - Moldbreaker
2. Hippopotas - Sand Force
3. Sentret - Frisk
4. Karrablast - No Guard (Excavalier - Overcoat)
5. Burmy - Overcoat (Mothim - Tinted Lens)
6. Shelmet - Overcoat (Accelgor - Unburden)
7. Patrat - Analytic
8. Qwilfish - Intimidate
9. Amaura - Snow Warning
10. Pumpkaboo - Insomnia
@Tenebris_Kane excellent selection :D Yours will be the first Patrat ive ever bred for someone <3 lol I can almost remember the specific days I got some of these guys since most of them were so pesky xP ill try to have them ready by saturday afternoon ~
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3

Thanks, I chose mostly ones from dreamworld or needed to be bred from events since you can't get them anymore and either people have them or they don't. I didn't really pay attention to whether they are typically used since I am just collecting them all and want to have total freedom to breed anything in the future regardless of whether the set needs a hidden ability.

Would you want me to pass the iron ball, ring target and a couple rare candies this time?

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