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[FOR TRADE] I'm trading legends for shinies and other legends!
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I currently have:
1 Regirock, 1 Registeel, 1 Regice, 1 Regigigas, 1 Deoxys Defense, 1 Heatran, 1 Suicune, 1 Raikou, 1 Entei, 2 Zygarde, 1 Yveltal, 1 Mewtwo, 1 Rayquaza, 1 Zekrom and 7 Phione for trade.
I also have 1 Shiny Linoone and 1 Shiny Metagross for trade if anyone is interested.

I'm looking for: 
1 Shiny Charmander, 1 Shiny Froakie, 1 Shiny Zorua, 1 Reshiram, 1 Hoopa, 1 Shiny Victini and a Shiny Rayquaza.

I'm playing on Omega Ruby btw Smile
Just saying, shiny Victini isn't legal so you probably don't want it
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