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[FOR TRADE] Shiny for Shiny! (and other stuff too)
I have a shiny Yungoos, Yanma, Tyranitar and Surskit. I'm availibe all day today and tomorrow if you want to trade.
Yo, @Mewgirl , what can I give you for the Pupitar and the Dunsparce? (Click here for my shiny pokemon list: )
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
wow, sorry i've been awol everybody! i've been moving house and it's been crazy. @-@
(Apr 7, 2018, 11:18 AM)BoneheadMarowak Wrote: @Crowcaws To reduce the lag, it'd probably be better/preferred for most users, if you used Dream World art for these mons, listed them out, or put them in a [spoiler] tag. Also shiny Keldeo is unreleased and there appears to be a formatting error with the "Lv. 100 Unevolvables".

spoiler tags incoming, sorry! the only level 100 unevolvable in there is the pupitar, i tried to format everything nicely but uhh i'm a fool and impatient. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rip

also im a fool about keldeo oops

@Mewgirl i'm interested in sandile, beheeyem, cherrim, dunsparce, darumaka, drifblim, and the tranquill if it's male! if any of mine particularly interest you let me know!

@asmith77 sure, feel free to drop pics/a list either in thread or in dms! 

@AstroDwarf i'm definitely interested in the yungoos, surskit and yanma!

also, everyone's free to add me and send me trade requests if you see me online, just let me know so i can add you back.

@TheAlmightySancho you know it [Image: tumblr_p0f10pE1eR1wxzc4ho1_500.png]
I have a Heliolisk as well if you'd like that. 
Would you mind trading for the Gliscor, Sandslash, Trevenant, and the Starmie?
I just caught a Shiny Makuhita. Idk if he’s worth anything but I thought I’d offer
I have a legit shiny uxie I caught in the ultra wilds, want to make a trade?

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