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[FOR TRADE] Two NA Shiny Zygarde Codes (LF Offers)
(Sep 24, 2018, 10:20 AM)Zenyatta01000101 Wrote: @Lizard sorry for the late reply, but of the 2016 legendary events would you mind trading a Meloetta? I think that's the one of the only 2016 legendary events I missed.

@Zenyatta01000101 I should be able to, yeah. I probably have multiples in Bank right now, so I'll check and let you know. Smile

Edit: Just checked, and I only have one Meloetta.
@Lizard Darn. By any chance do you have a dupe of Genesect?
(Sep 25, 2018, 06:14 PM)Zenyatta01000101 Wrote: @Lizard Darn. By any chance do you have a dupe of Genesect?

@Zenyatta01000101 Hmm. I don't think I do, unfortunately.
@Lizard oof. Considering how close it is to the code's expiration date, I feel the best course of action is for me to PM you the code and then we sort out the rest while Zygarde codes expire, but I do have some dumb ideas sometimes so please let me know if you feel this is a bad idea.

@Umbreon9004 Sorry if I seem impatient, but I get the feeling you haven't seen it so I figured I'd let you know that I sent you a PM with the code. I'd just like to know if it works is all.

Sorry for not responding. the code worked just fine thankfully. when we do eventually get on at the same time I wil happily give you that Xerneas you wanted
@Zenyatta01000101 That's fine with me! I'm shiny-hunting a Torchic at the moment, so maybe I could give that in exchange?
@Lizard Sure! I'll PM you the code, just lmk your FC and IGN.

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