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[FORUM GAME] Storyteller
I'm gonna start off a story with 6 words, then you add onto it with another 6 words, and then someone else does the same. How far will we go Kappa

Once upon a time, there was
A friendly giant with a heart
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.
of ice. His greatest wish was
- Mr. Ultracool, glad to be of help.
to start a new life in
Why Not Zoidberg?
wonderland, where he found a small
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.
Beetle that spoke kind words. He
learned from the beetle that he
Put it in rice.  - A Wise Man
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needed to get out of wonderland
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by defeating Black Alice in combat
and to do so, he needed
*looks at fourm*

*sees @Kris *



Can't guarantee an exact day to do threads so
lets try to aim for one a week I guess

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