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[FUN] Fun With Deoxys
Listed as "Fun" because I don't think I'll actually use this in any serious competition, but... A while back, my lucky son-of-a-gun friend somehow managed to get his hands on a shiny Deoxys (needless to say, both of us strongly suspected a hack but against all odds it seems to have passed the checks there which took place over a couple of weeks; it's apparently from the old Gen 3 games! Imagine that...). And then the guy was generous and/or crazy enough to give it to me. It appears to have maxed IV's although its EVs are a bit of a messy spread so I'll get working on those later...

Anywho, whoever had this last appears to have set it up as a brusier but there is one small caveat: its nature is Jolly, which means decreased Sp. Attack. Am I better off building it up as a Defense Deoxys instead, or is Speed a better investment? Normal and Attack could definitely be done better by other ones...

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