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[FUN] Let's Flip the Meta!
G'day, it's your old mate Kris here with a brand new post. Today we're going to be looking at a way to flip Competitive Pokemon on it's head for Gen 8 by introducing a brand new game mechanic to make almost every Pokemon viable.

History of Mechanic Additions

Since about Generation 5, it's become a tradition in Pokemon to add new mechanics and features in battle. All starting (technically) with Double Battles in Generation 3, Generation 5 introduced Triple and Rotation Battles, Generation 6 introduced Multi Battles and Mega Pokemon, and lastly Generation 7 introduced Royale Battles and Z Moves. Mega Pokemon and Z Moves changed the competitive Pokemon meta in which Pokemon had never seen. Z Moves allowed many new moveset opportunities, and Mega Pokemon allowed for various team combinations. With this in mind, we can safely assume Generation 8 will do the same.

 Ally Channelling

The new mechanic I propose is something called Ally Channelling. Ally Channelling is exactly what it sounds like, a Pokemon can channel the power of a Pokemon you have in the party. In battle the effects would include the following;
  • The Base Stats of the Pokemon you're Channelling get passed on to the Pokemon in use, removing the current Base Stats to replace them
  • The type of the Pokemon you're Channelling gets added to the Pokemon in use
  • The Pokemon you're Channelling will pass it's Ability onto the Pokemon in use, replacing the current Ability 
  • If the Pokemon in use will receive the held item of the Channelled Pokemon
  • Ally Channelling can only be used once per battle, and will wear off over time, thus balancing the mechanic
  • Once Ally Channelling wears of, either forced (fainting) or natural, the Channelled Pokemon cannot be used 

Let's get into the technical side for a bit. Ally Channelling would be activated by an item, the item must be held by the Pokemon you want to receive the boost. Channelling would then pop up as an option like Mega Evolution and Z Moves. Every Pokemon can Channel, but certain Pokemon like fused Kyurem and Necrozma, Dragon Ascent Rayquaza and Shedinja cannot, and you also cannot make a Pokemon Channel the same species as what you're using.

So with this in mind, just about every Pokemon can become viable, allowing for the most varied Pokemon meta ever seen. I'm curious how you'd use this so feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to use a Mimikyu with a Channelled Spiritomb.
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