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[FUN] advice on some team ideas please

welcome everyone and thanks for checking out the thread, any advice, suggestions and critique will be greatly appreciated

first off ill just catch you up on my current level, i've been playing since gen 1 so i know the basics but i am a total newb to competitive battling. I have been doing alot of online battles lately and i very much enjoy it so i would like to step up my game. I just realized how good the resources on this site are for competitive info so im going to be reading alot of threads here but other sources for info would be nice too

XY is my first pokemon game since emerald, i just started to dislike the new pokes so i would play fire red, emerald, and crystal over and over for years XD . so there are alot of moves and stuff introduced since then that im not familiar with, so any info on new gen stuffs would be great

i am kindof stubborn with the fact that i like to use pokemon i like, which is why i even came up with these teams ideas, so it would be great if i could make my preferred pokes work but im completely open to any team addition ideas

due to the fact that im not even sure these teams would work, i figured i would ask peoples general opinions on the idea before i put alot of work into refining the perfect team and breeding the pokes,

oh, and these teams are aimed towards double/triple battles because i really enjoy them and it seems to fit with the concept of 5 turn moves which are the base of my first two teams

keep in mind, i am not trying to win any championships here just make some decent comp teams for fun battles with friends

wonder room team

i like pokemon that are fast and hit hard, downside? paper thin defenses. answer? wonderoom? yes or no....

it seems wonderoom teams arent really popular on sites ive researched so i have to wonder if its even a good idea to go with.

alakazam and gengar are my all time two favs, so i would love to build the team around them, i also have a love for sceptile, infernape, and greninja. As for a sixth right now i got nothin cause all my other fav pokes have at least decent defense

also, and im not even sure if this would work, but would magic room w/asault vests work to double the new higher defense and also get rid of the one move lock from assauty vest? cause that would be awesome

trick room team

the only reason i wouldent use certain pokemon was because of horrible speed stats, and i really like being speedy with battling, just my style so trick room is the perfect answer for that... right?

now unlike wonder room, trick room seems to be very popular so it is alot easier for me to find info on teams and im also reassured that it will make for a decent comp team!

currently i'm thinking about snorlax(curse), dusknoir/chandelure, umbreon, gardevoir, mawile, swampert/aaggron/tyranitar sound decent?

the trick room team should be easy for me to figure out on my own because the vast amount of data out there, but any suggestions from people who already have a trickroom setup would be cool

eeveelution team

ever since gen two i wanted to use a team of the eevee and now there are alot more so i can fill up a team and have variety to choose from ^_^. question is, can i make them a comp team? or should i just make a for fun battle spot team?

some of them seem to be popular in the competitive scene and others not so much, my main thoughts on this are sylveon and umbreon the tanky ones and jolteon and espeon for the hard hitters

this one is more generall than the other two, i havent put as much thought into it myself, but if anyone thinks team eevee could be decent and has ideas id love to hear them


thank you so much for checking out my team ideas, any and all feedback is welcome, even if you just say it'll never work and im stupid for even thinking it XD =p

if people think these ideas could work then i will come up with some full team builds for everyone to rate

stay classy space cowboys( and cowgals)
Just as a note to your eevee team idea.. it is very much so possible.. Going to be very honest but the majority of the eevolutions can be "cleric walls" to be truly honest. Which is awesome because it gives you options. Ill give some examples..

leafeon - physical wall/cleric / bulky physical attacker
glaceon - physical/mixed wall/cleric / bulky special attacker
jolteon - Special Attacker
Vaporeon - Bulky wall/cleric / bulky special attacker
Flareon - Special wall/cleric / bulky physical attacker
Espeon - special attacker
Umbreon - physical/special wall/cleric
Sylveon - Special/mixed wall / Special attacker

As you can see, MOST of the Eevolutions have the opportunity to run a wall/cleric build. Why? Because they can all learn 3 big core cleric moves: Wish, Heal Bell, Protect. And some can learn other healing forms such as Aqua ring or moonlight. With the right mix you could have a nice team going. Now I cant say you will go pro with it any time soon, but it is definitely possible to get a semi decent/fun casual teams out of the eevos. Hope this helps!

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