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[GIVEAWAY] 6IV Legit BR Pokémon - First come First Served!
are you still doing this awesome giveaway? cause you got my attention with pangoro :D
(May 23, 2018, 12:33 PM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote: @RetroTyphlosion  @AverageJoe @rekt_mudkip @Dova

Hi guys, it has been a while and I apologise about the delay but life has been busy. Anyway.. I have some 6IV BR Pokémon all ready for you and it wasn't easy. To be clear I have bred so many boxes of these Pokémon I lost count and after soo many I even hatched a shiny Pancham and Bagon for my collections! Tongue

To make things simpler I will ask that if possible you deposit something worthless in GTS and give me the details. I recommend something like a metapod. From there I will send the Pokémon your way!
I can't get mine bc at the moment I don't have a 3ds atm however, I plan on getting some money together and getting a 2DS because of how cheap it is. Since that will probably be a while you can just give mine to @rayqon
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ

Sorry I was not online on friday but I had family over most of the day. I should be able to trade pretty much anytime this week though.


I also have loads of correct 5IV babies spare from pangoro, crustle, salamance and wimpod if you want one of those but they are untrained. Since dova said so I could also give the 6IV pangoro
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)
@Tenebris_Kane How about you give me a time then. I am free later in the EST night
nice that is appriciated @Tenebris_Kane  and @Dova 

when can we trade?

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