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[GIVEAWAY] A new giveaway
(Jan 29, 2015, 04:05 PM)Graly Wrote: Some Pokemon whose HA is B/W only would be nice
Kangaskhan for example

Anybody looking for HA Kangaskhan should PM me.
A shiny sylveon giveaway? sorry, my fave is sylveon if you can see Kappa
Evyii the Dragonslayer of #TeamForum

I'm back! Mostly playing LoL nowadays though. What is life, but homework and sleep.

Maybe a Unova starter with HA giveaway? To commemorate Mystery Gift?
I'm just here.

I personally wouldn't mind some even legendaries, particularly Arceus or Genesect. That might have been done to death though Smile
Beedrill or lowpunny would be nice
shiny amoongus with regenerator awesome!!!!please man do this!

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