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[GIVEAWAY] Amethyst 0mega Presents: BR VGC Water-Type Giveaway!

Your suicune has been sent, hope it helps you win some battles  Wink
I apologise for my absence...
Oh! I didn't realize you had made this!

Again, I apologize for the hold up on the Ludicolos. It's hard for me to find time to do these things... it's easy to pop on this website, but hard to get on my 3DS... Please forgive me.
VGC|Breeding|Forum Regular|Amethyst 0mega

PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
No again...

Pokémon Depsited:Mantyke
Level of Mantyke:18
Poké Ball:Great ball
Pokémon Wanted:Azumarill
P. S put wrong name become 0maga
deposited: mantyke
level: 19
gender: male
ball: pokeball
requested: suicune

Thank you!

I forgot to leave a message as I was leaving the house when I checked for your mantyke, I couldn't see it and I don't see one up now either. Did it get sniped again? if it's not sniping that's the issue can I double check you are using the Gen 7 GTS?  Undecided


Your suicune has now been sent  Big Grin
I apologise for my absence...
deposited: mantyke
gender: male
requested: swampert
ability: damp

Thanks again!
oops.  forgot to name the mantyke.  is that okay?

That should be fine, I am out of the house at the minute but will send the swampert as soon as is possible
I apologise for my absence...
I was sniped so I’m redepositing with the proper name this time!

Pokémon Depsited: Finneon
Level of Finneon/Mantyke: 18
Poké Ball: quickball
Gender: male
Pokémon Wanted: swampert
ability: damp

Thanks again!
Pokémon Depsited:Finneon
Level of Finneon/Mantyke:18
Poké Ball:Ultra Ball
Pokémon Wanted:Suicune
Thx for doing this giveaway!

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