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[GIVEAWAY] Amethyst 0mega Presents: BR VGC Water-Type Giveaway!
I deposited a lvl 15 female finneon nicknamed omega for suicune ign is dark saichi
IGN: Bobby
Pokémon Depsited: Finneon
Level of Finneon: 17
Poké Ball: Dive ball
Gender: Male
Pokémon Wanted: Azumarill

Thanks! ^^

I am sorry but you requested lvl 41-50 for swampert but mine are level 53, please use the 51-60 filter Undecided


Suicune has been sent, enjoy  Big Grin  


Your Suicune has also been sent  Big Grin


Enjoy your Azumarill   Big Grin
I apologise for my absence...
I deposited a lvl 17 female mantyke for azumarill ign is dark saichi

Coming right up, connecting to GTS now  Tongue

Edit: when I am out the house I can't trade but when I am home I have notifications sent to my phone and PC for super fast trades  Wink
Also, your mantyke is requesting 41 to 50, same as I said to spice_cadet you need to set it 51-60
I apologise for my absence...
I changed it

Sent, hope you enjoy  Big Grin
I apologise for my absence...
Im on a roll   Wink  I deposited a lvl 17 male mantyke for tapu Fini ign is dark saichi
oops.  requested 51-60 this time.

Pokémon Depsited: Finneon
Level of Finneon/Mantyke: 16
Poké Ball: quickball
Gender: female
Pokémon Wanted: swampert
ability: damp

Thanks again!
@Saichi  @spice_cadet

I sent the Pokémon earlier when I had a moment so if you haven't already check your GTS and enjoy  Tongue
I apologise for my absence...

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