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[GIVEAWAY] Amethyst 0mega Presents: BR VGC Water-Type Giveaway!
I deposited a lvl 16 male finneon for poliwrath ign is dark saichi
(Apr 27, 2018, 02:16 PM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote:
​​​​​​IGN: PV
Pkmn deposited: finneon
POkeball: poke ball
Gender: Female
Pokemon wanted: Tapu fini

I completely missed that post when I checked yesterday so sorry about that, I thought I saw all the messages but didn't realise there was a new page  Tongue
since you are online could you change the Finneon to request a level 50, I didn't train the poliwraths so I didn't realise they were exactly level 50.

If you don't respond within a short while I will edit the post and level one up for you since it is my fault for not realising they were lvl 50 and putting it on the front page 


Tapu Fini has been sent your way, enjoy  Big Grin
I apologise for my absence...
I deposited a lvl 16 finneon for poliwrath ign is dark saichi it's male

Sent, congrats on being the first to claim a poliwrath since now you have a 6IV one  Big Grin
I apologise for my absence...
I deposited a male lvl 15 finneon for swampert ign is dark saichi

Just so you know, I have both damp and torrent swamperts  Tongue  Which one do you want?
I apologise for my absence...
Torrent plz Smile
I'm loving this giveaway btw Smile

So I noticed, you will have one of everything at this rate  Wink

Swampert has now been sent
I apologise for my absence...

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