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[GIVEAWAY] Another One Of Mine! More Pokemon
Hello Again. I have collected some more mons to give away, and some favourites from last time. So lets get into some prizes!


4th Prize: Shiny Caterpie
3rd Prize: Shiny Pikipek
2nd Prize - Shiny Corsola
1st Prize - Both a Shiny Pikipek and a Rockruff. 

To enter, post ENTER down below. Make sure its in capitals. This makes sure I know you have read the whole post.
This will be done over trade, so if you want the prizes quicker have your FC's in your profile, so I don't have to PM you! Smile

I'll run this until the 20th July. Which is just under a month. Good Luck!
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ

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