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[GIVEAWAY] Any (legal) pokemon you want [S/M]
I’m getting online right now
@moo311   I’m online now

Thank you once again for the Breloom!  I've got another single gen for you tackle here...

Pokemon: Landorus
Shiny: Yes
Gender: None
Nickname: Land's End
Level: 100 (Met at Lv. 40 at Entree Forest / Entralink in Unova, B2W2)
Nature: Timid
Item: Master Ball
Ability: Sheer Force
Pokerus: Yes but cured
Language (English, Japanese, Italian, etc): ENG
Pokeball: Premier Ball
IVs: Any legit combination to give Landorus Hidden Power Ice
EVs: 4 DEF / 252 SP.ATK / 252 SPEED
- Earth Power
- Sludge Wave
- Focus Blast
- Hidden Power
Relearn Moves:
OT: Unova Trio
Ribbons: Battle Royal Master Ribbon, Battle Tree Master Ribbon

Lemme know if something doesn't jive with the above gen so we can quickly fix it.  Thanks! :D
Pokemon: escavalier
Shiny: yes
Gender: female
Level: 40
Nature:  adamant
Item:  lucky egg
Ability: overcoats 
Pokerus: yes
Region of Pokemon (Optional):
Pokeball: beast ball
IVS: all 6
EVS: 252 attack / 129 def / 129 spdef 
Mega horn 
Swords dance 
Iron head
Fell stinger
Eggmoves (Optional):
OT (Optional):    DD
I deposited a lvl 43 male exeggecute  for tapu bulu ign is dark saichi
@moo311 you can remove my diggersby from the done list, i've received it thank you  Smile

Pokemon Deposited: Exeggcute 
Level of deposited: 1
Gender of Deposited: Male
Pokemon requested: Bruxish
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex.

thanks ~  Heart
(Jul 3, 2017, 08:42 PM)moo311 Wrote: I closed the original to start fresh at page 1. That way, it would be easier to keep track. This is your opportunity to get the items/pokemon you want/need.


1) You can ask for as many pokemon as you would like, but only 4 at a time.
2) This giveaway will be done by GTS so you should only ask for your pokemon once I post your name on the "Done" list.
3) This giveaway will be done by GTS so here's the basic format of asking for the pokemon.
Pokemon Deposited: Exeggcute (Only pokemon I will be accepting)
Level of deposited:
Gender of Deposited:
Pokemon requested:
4) GTS trades are prioritized.
5) Please make sure that your pokemon is legal. <------- This is a thread by @gkh1997 that explains what's legal/what's not. You should check it out if you want to know if your request is legal.
6) This thread will close on the 30/31 of every month and reopen on the 30/31 of the next month.
7) Once this thread closes, go here If you don't claim your pokemon, it'll be deleted. You can still request pokemon though.
8) If you need something before a certain date, like for a battle or something like that, don't hesitate to PM me as I will make sure you get your pokemon asap. Pm me the sets and a message saying " I have a battle on X/X/XXXX and I need these pokemon: ...,...,... Here are the sets......."However, if you decided to PM me a request because you just want it for no good reason, I will ignore you.
9) If you post a set and it is illegal in any way, I will @ you in a post and notify you what is wrong and how I can fix it. If you do not notify me in a week, I will assume that you want me to correct the errors myself and correct them. If I can't fix it or if there are too many errors, I will notify you with a PM and we can work things out from there.
10) If you have to link trade, I will need to send the request. For some reason, when the other person sends the reqeust, on my end it says "The Connection has been lost" and on the other person's end, it says something like "moo311 has not accepted"
11) Please be patient. After all, I am only one person Smile

Here's the basic format for requesting pokemon.

Region of Pokemon (Optional):
Eggmoves (Optional):
OT (Optional):

You can also do showdown format.

Done List:
@Dova Yveltal
@lelcharmander Charizard
@element_x49 Diggersby
@Sun Juan Mew
@Adridia03 Naganadel, Snorlax, Typhlosio
@TrainerSun Ninetales
@Warbird Palkia, Entei, Zekrom, Kyogre
@Psixon Zapdos
@framor93 Metagross, Naganadel, Glalie, Salazzle
@Arderico Pinsir, Medicham, Blaziken, Sableye
@Umbremaniac Umbreon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Sylveon
@Black Waterfall 2 Ditto, Camerupt, Talonflame
@Mackerel323 Gyarados, Naganadel, Scizor, Lopunny
@TheAlmightySancho Corphish, Magikarp
@larrylo2000 Landorus
@rayqon Registeel, Serperior
@That_cute_pikachu Ralts, Smeargle
@Obey Mightyena, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Kyogre
@PerchPond Cresselia
@Theoapo Clefairy, Mawile, Togekiss, Entei
@Saichi Talonflame, Tapu Bulu, Mew, Mawile
@Keith_Kuruzu Breloom
@Riola Aerodactyl, Ditto, Reshiram, Dialga
@ChivanChang Greninja, Blaziken, Vulpix, Larvesta
@That_cute_pikachu Clefairy, Machamp, Gardevoir, Toxapex
@element_x49 Bruxish, Floatzel, Zebstrika, Raticate
@Drevon10 Luxray

@Black Waterfall 8:30 PM Sat
@framor93 9 AM Sun

All times in EST (GMT -5)

If you find any errors feel free to PM me or write a post indicating the error.

Pokemon: Ditto
Shiny: Yes
Gender: N/A
Nickname: Ditto
Level: 100
Nature: Adamant
Item: Gold Bottle Cap
Ability: Imposter
Pokerus: No
Region of Pokemon (Optional): China (CHS)
Pokeball: Regular Pokeball
EVS: 252 attack / 129 def / 129 spdef
Moves: Transform
Eggmoves (Optional): N/A
OT (Optional): N/A

My IGN is Karl Marx, and I have deposited a level 45 female Exeggcute in a Quick Ball. Thank you bundles!!! (My first one got snatched Sad Redepositing a new one) Requesting a 91+ Ditto so it wont get snatched
Quote:My IGN is Karl Marx, and I have deposited a level 45 female Exeggcute in a Quick Ball. Thank you bundles!!! (My first one got snatched Sad Redepositing a new one) Requesting a 91+ Ditto so it wont get snatched

@TedCruzTruZodiac It's just a suggestion but: to avoid being continuously sniped, it's probably a good idea not to make a GTS deposit at this point.

This is because moo311 still needs to gen the mon you requested, and this may take some time. (I have absolutely no authority here but, from my experience, moo311 should @ you on the first page of the thread as soon as your mon is ready for the take. Big Grin)
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Pokemon Deposited: Exeggcute
Level of deposited:1
Gender of Deposited:Male
Pokemon requested:Mawile 41-50
Message:I want to fill my dex
Net Ball IGN:May
@Riola Enjoy Smile
@ChivanChang I don't see it Sad
@Saichi Enjoy Smile
@element_x49 Enjoy Smile
@Theoapo I don't see it Sad
@Keith_Kuruzu Landorus can't be shiny/has to be in a dream ball
@That_cute_pikachu Escavallier can't be in a beast ball

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