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[GIVEAWAY] BR Feraligatr with HA Raffle
Hey peeps I will be Raffling off 5 legit Hoenn bred HA Feraligatr's.

Raffle will end on Feb 27th release day for the Johto HA starters.

To enter all you need to do is comment 5 grand prize winners get the Feraligatr but don't fear I will also be doing a 5 IV HA totodile, cyndaquil, and chikorita giveaway early next week.

Move Set for both:
Dragon Dance
Ice punch
Aqua Jet

Thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor.
Past Giveaways:
Unova water and fire starters with HA's
Chimchar with HA's and egg moves
HA Gible
HA Sableye
HA Minccino
BR HA feraligatr
BR Mega Gallade
BR Garchomp
BR Terrakion
BR Shiny Dragonite

Feel free to PM for info on past giveaways might have some left over
That is power. Im joining.
I'm just here.

im joining

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I'm in.
H3 reporting in Smile
Gl all
I'm in.
Joining as well Smile
My favorite starter in the whole series, I'm in! Smile
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