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[GIVEAWAY] Back with a BANG! - 100+ Legit BR Pokémon!!!
@Sun Juan Mine are genned into existence though. If that matters to you.
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
(Jul 11, 2018, 08:39 AM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote: Deposited: Metapod
Trainer Name: Kwasi
Gender: Metapod and Trainer are male
Level: 13
Ball: Quick Ball

Requesting: Tapu Fini
May I have a poliwrath with swift swim plz

looks like I missed hitting reply earlier, I can't see your rattatta unfortunately so you may have to re-deposit  Undecided


Tapu Fini has been sent, Enjoy!  Big Grin


of course you can  Big Grin  Are you depositing a metapod for it?
hehe NP :p

lets try this again deposited lvl 1 exegcute male
wanna fill dex

Ok, it has been sent now  Big Grin
Deposited: Metapod
Trainer Name:
Level: 9
Ball: great
request: Tapu fini
Deposited: Metapod
Trainer Name: Knerten
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Ball: Quick ball

Requesting: Tapu Fini

I deposited a lvl 10 female metapod nicknamed tenebris for a swift swim poliwrath ign is hawkeye

Your tapu fini has been sent


I am sorry but pvslc posted first and that was my tapu fini, is there anything else you would like?


your poliwrath has been sent

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