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[GIVEAWAY] [Closed]Shiny Kangaskhan and Growlithe Giveaway
IGN: Kial
Pokemon Wanted: Kangaskhan
Pokemon Deposited: lv 23 Cutiefly (F)
Message: I want to fill my pokedex

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I'd like to receive both of them if that's fine. Thank you.

FC: 4313-1912-3585
IGN: Saul

Whenever you're online.
So.. I was sniped (Should have taken your warning!)
I'd like a Kangaskhan please! I added you and I'll eagerly wait for a reply =)

My FC is: 1607-6558-1264
IGN: Milah
Pokemon Wanted: Kangaskhan
Hold Item: Any
Pokemon Deposited: Raticate Nicknamed "01234ABCD" Lv 21 female
Message: I want to fill my pokedex

Might get sniped, but worth a try ;-)

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