Poll: Are you in need of a 4/ 5/6 ivs from 5 star Raid ?
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No, not in need, thanks.
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Yes, thank you. Happy with 4
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Only 5/6 ivs i need.
4 100.00%
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[GIVEAWAY] (Closed)The 5 star Ditto Raid, who are in need ?
Hi everyone(world)

At the moment using my phone, i have 1 remaining Piece of wishing, i completed Pokemon Sword on 7 december i think, now i wanted to know:

Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJcXoZJFP5c]

Bio upgrade:
Do you know how to manipulate the raid dens?
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
Sword and Shield Trades
Hi @Hojunhu , if you mean the trick of 5 stars , reset until getting 5 stars etc, then yes, i started 8 december researching some ditto stuff, i did a round of 20x catch almost each day, but up til now only found 4ivs, some with " fantastic" + 4ivs perfect, i get to wonder if maybe joining in raids increase the ivs luck, because i asked some people who got 6ivs, and it was told " i got from joining raids "

Here below is example of what i did yesterday with phone

[Image: 20191211_025614.md.jpg]

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