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[GIVEAWAY] Gen 4 starters (S/M)
Pokémon requested: infernape
Pokémon deposited: Pelipper nicknamed Bekipan
Gender: male
Lvl: 30
Ball: great ball
IGN: Austin

Thank you Smile
Enjoy everybody Smile
...August 2018...
- Pokemon deposited: Pelipper/F/L.33/Mega Ball
- Pokemon wanted: Infernape
- IGN: Yoruko
- Message: I want to fill My pokedex
Thank you, @moo311Big Grin
 ~ Always ready to fire up Pokemon Forever with a hot battle! ~ 
My Fire-type Breedject Center is reopen! 
Pokemon Deposited: Lvl 43 Male Pelipper
Pokemon Wanted: Torterra
IGN: Cheese
Message: I want to fill my pokedex with other languages
Ball: Ultra Ball

Thanks in advance.
IGN: Anel
Pokemon deposited: Pelipper (Only pokemon I will accept. You can find them on Route 14, Route 15, Route 16, Ancient Poni Path, Exeggutor Island, Poni Gauntlet, Poni Plains, Poni Wilds, Secluded Shore, Tapu Village)
Gender: male
Message/Ball (Optional): pokeball
Pokemon wanted: Torterra
I deposited a lvl 41 Pelipper its female for a torterra ign is hawkeye
(Jul 1, 2017, 06:15 AM)Darkpower Wrote: I deposited a lvl 41 Pelipper its female for a torterra ign is hawkeye
IGN: Akura
Pokemon Deposited: Pelipper
Level: 32
Gender of pelipper:Male 
Ball: Net ball 
Pokemon Wanted: Empoleon
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.

hi thanks for this awesome giveaway

Pokemon deposited: Pelipper 
Gender: male
Ball: net
Message: I want to fill my pokedex​​​​​​
Lv: 33
Pokemon wanted: empoleon

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