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[GIVEAWAY] Giving Away 6 IV Japanese Dittos (CLOSED)
pokemon deposit: zigzagoon lvl 2 female
IGN: Akira
Added a level 3 Male Zigzagoon.  IGN Aaron  Thanks Smile
Where did everyone come from?!?!
poochyena level 9 and the gender is female.
Thank you for this man :D
lvl 1, male, magikarp, ign: Joe. Thanks man!
I just deposited a male lvl 15 magikarp! thanks a lot!
IGN: Mada★Faker
Ralts level 3 Nickname is AS--OL, IGN is Cyrus
(Dec 26, 2014, 09:37 PM)Black117 Wrote: Where did everyone come from?!?!

Justin was showing off the forums and he went into your post cuz it was so awesome. So youre no famous lol

I put up a zigzagoon female lv.5
Ign: Travis

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