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[GIVEAWAY] Giving Away 6 IV Japanese Dittos (CLOSED)
Level 2 Zigzagoon male
IGN : Cabous

Level 1
Gender: male
(Dec 26, 2014, 09:37 PM)Black117 Wrote: Where did everyone come from?!?!

Hey man just mentioned you on his stream! You're awesome dude thanks!
Lvl 2 female
In Game Name: Cha
Thank you so much man I just got it :D
Can any of you guys check if I skipped you? Just comment if you received you pokemon or not.
Lvl 15
In-game Name: Mephisto

Thanks so much dude! =D
Just got mine man thanks so much!!!
I haven't gotten one yet :P
Received mine, thanks again!

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