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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary Pokemon [S/M] (Closed- Only Claiming Reservations)
A already claim Everything and thanks from that giveaway
@moo311 my current reservations list looks perfect! If you wouldn't mind please mention me again on the 20th when you're available to trade the reserved pokemon, i really appreciate it, thank you so much!
Anyone know... if the reservations going on now is for the Green set or for all sets?
in the first week i was a bit bussy so i hope i can request : Zapdos, Articuno, Moltress, Mewteo, Raquaza und regirock
thx in advance
@moo311  Reservations: 3 Regis, Tornadus, Tornadus (Therian), Thundurus, Thundurus (Therian), Landorous, Landorous (Therian),  Zekrom, Necrozma
@moo311 Not sure if I can reserve from all colors, but if so heres my reservations: 
Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Lunala and Kyurem. 

​​​​​​​Thanks a lot!
@moo311 Sorry if this would be a burden to you but I would like to reserve every single pokemon from week red (if possible).
Hello.I would like to reserve Uxie,Mesprit,Azelf,Giratina(Normal form),Entei,Raikou,Suicune,Regi-trio,tapu lele and a cresselia.Thanks so much for the giveaways.
@moo311 I would like to reserve Thundurus Therian aswell
@moo311 i would like to reserve tapu fini, latias, latios, regirock, entei, suicune and zapdos

thanks in advance

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