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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
@mste1602 I'm on now
Hey could I get a shiny regeneratior ho oh, shiny diancie, shiny naganadel and Zeraora? Thanks a Lot!
P.S. is the trade going to be on sun and moon or Oras?
@mste1602 i'm on right now if you are
Possible to get shiny Darkrai in S/M and shiny Suicune
i would do ANYTHING  for a shiny yveltal or victini!!!!!!!!!!

my friend code 3111 0429 7455
Any chance for a shiny Shaymin and a Diancie? i am in Central time as well so we could set up a time to be on if you need to.
(Feb 3, 2016, 11:07 AM)mste1602 Wrote: Hey do you have any shiny female eevees or shiny suicunes left? I'd be thankful if you could give me either. Thanks!
@mste1602  i will be online later tonight i still have school
hey sorry i haven't been on work and school really picked up

@DHProphet @MankeyFace  whichever game you want @TfwKcenMomo @Rando @Athena @Silver_light @Ottertides @John Raphael 

i really don't know when i'll next be on

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