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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
It's fine. I'll wait
(Feb 3, 2016, 11:07 AM)mste1602 Wrote: HI! Do you have any shiny ash-greninja, lucario, rotom or mawile for pokemon moon?
I'd really like to get a genesect (shiny if possible), a keldeo, an arceus and a volcanion for my pokemon x. These are the only pokemon I am lacking for my pokedex.
Thanks in advance.
(Feb 3, 2016, 11:07 AM)mste1602 Wrote: I'm new to the website so I don't if I'm posting it right but could I get a jirachi please? OnOne of the mythical pokemon I'm missing.
Time zone. Pacific time 
IGN. Tony
FC. 2552 5845 6520
I was wondering if it is possible to get both shiny litten and popplio? You seem pretty swamped for requests and other stuff so no rush
I would really like a Shiny Tapu Koko, Shiny Mew, a Marshadow and a Shiny or Non-Shiny Diancie. I would prefer to have them in my ultra sun game. Do you have any with Docile, Serious, Hardy, Quirky or Bashful Natures? I prefer Docile but if you don't have any with neutral natures then any nature is fine.
I would love to have Keldeo and Meloetta if possible please?
Hi. I want all the HAT PIKACHU if you don't mind. Thanks

One more thing if its also okay with you. Can I ask for 6 Perf. IV ditto in ORAS and one too in XY? If not then it's also okay.
I really want a shiny Kyogre modest
if u have ^^ add me 0318 7843 7558
contact me i need your friend code u.u
sorry I haven't been active guys I'll be back on a lot more when school ends in a few months @Schrodinger ash greninja can't be shiny and I don't have lucario but I have the other 2 @WolfGamer617 @SmashYourPotato @Shiny-Hunter @Meera @hsgcapoquian @Lus200

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