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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
Could I have a zeroara plz
ign is dark saichi
time zone:est
@bendikr i think its working but idk how long for

@Saichi in a minute

Logging on now!
can we do it at 9:00 est time

I don't have my 3ds with me now I'm real sorry
oh sure @Saichi
I can trade now it's earlier then I thought
Have u added me I already added
(Aug 11, 2018, 05:07 PM)mste1602 Wrote: ok @Greenfish @Dova @John Raphael @Primerakilla13 @Bad Internet Guy @bendikr @MankeyFace @Shan-Shan shoop @UDBZJames10 @Brootox , anyone on?

Sorry, I've been busy so I haven't come online much, but I'll check more frequently.
was wondering if you had any darkrai's for US/UM (I own ultra moon)
IGN: Lilian
FC: 3025-0039-1519
I would like a marshadow, zeraora and event shiny silvally please?
@Saichi @UDBZJames10 @TfwKcenMomo  @DHProphet sorry I haven't been around, anyone on?

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