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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
@Tridentbolt and @That_cute_pikachu either of you now? @FabySaturn sure, when are you usually on? @poke master alex on now? @xanperi sure, when are you on? it's not too many
I am on now! (Usually/recently I am on daily, because of the shiny hunting videos I make on YouTube.)

Also, what game is it that you have these Pokémon?
ORAS? XY? Or Sun & Moon?

I have both X and AS.
Unfortunately I do not own Original and Mega S&M. (A.K.A. Gen 7.)
I am having issues with my WiFi I am trying to get it fix right now sorry
@FabySaturn I have them in both gen 6 and 7, on OR Moon and ultra moon. so if all you have is gen 6 I can trade you from my OR. @That_cute_pikachu ok you on yet?
? Uggh, unfortunately I have problems with my wifi right now, I'll see if I am available tommorow if it does get fixed by then. Is that alright with you? (My sincere apologies for the inconvenience!)
(Mar 12, 2018, 06:25 PM)mste1602 Wrote: @Tridentbolt and @That_cute_pikachu either of you now? @FabySaturn sure, when are you usually on? @poke master alex on now? @xanperi sure, when are you on? it's not too many

Today I will be on from your 5pm to 7pm (my 11PM to 1AM my time). If that time is not ok for you, I can try to stay even later for tomorrow (until 8pm). If some of these slots are ok for you, just let me know the exact time you prefer and I'll be there :-)

Thanks again!
Hi good evening@"mste1602" ,
The Eevee's gender should be male, thanks for asking.
For linking up for the trade i'll be online between 7:00PM - 11:59PM / timezone: UTC+1:00 during every day in the week.
(Mar 10, 2018, 06:32 PM)poke master alex Wrote: @Sun Juan could you get me all the mythical pokemon

Why , can't you make your own requests?
I actually wanted to ask for more, but i am terribly busy with other things i gotta do.
Thats why i just requested only four .
No sorry
Can i have a shiny latios and a shiny kyogre as well as a shiny mew? Thx

In that case, could I get English Event Diancie, Gamestop Event Shiny Raikou, and Jirachi?

You are a real hero for doing this since I was never able to get these event pokemon lol

Thanks a ton :D

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