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[GIVEAWAY] (OFFLINE)Defog Special Giveaway(Upgraded)
Hi hi, and welcome to a new giveaway, in here you can get 1 of the three Defog pokemon, below i will post the info of them and how to obtain:

StatusOFFLINE <<

0)check always ''Alerts'' >> << For updates.

1)Do not double post, wait and see if someone else posted a comment after you or Use edit feature to edit your message

2)You can for now only get 2 of the 9 , so choose carefully

3)This will be done via GTS

4)Get Gastly/ Or fish a Magikarp and name it ''Defog1'' to make it easier to find you.

5)IF you see Status ''OFFLINE'' Do not request, but you can suggest a future pokemon Defog or other stuff

6)[b]Do not request more than the said rule 2, if you do you will be skipped.[/b]

7) GTS:Example:below

Deposited: Gastly/Magikarp (nicknamed ''Defog1''
Requested: Piplup/Skarmory Lv91 to 100

UpdateLatias can be chosen now

[Image: KawLivm.gif]
Held Item:Life Orb
EVs:252 SpA / 252 Spe /4 SpD
Nature: Timid
IVs:0 Atk
Moveset:Draco Meteor-Psyshock-Hidden Power [Fire]-Defog
OT: Eonima

Update news:You can choose between Whirlwind Skarmory Defog or Counter Defog Skarmory

Held Item:Shed Shell
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
Moveset:Roost-Defog-Toxic- Whirlwind
Shiny: No.

Held item:Shed Shell
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Nature: Impish
Shiny: Yes.

The replacement of Mew is Piplup

[Image: dWzhjch.gif]
Held item:Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP / 4SpDe / 252 SpA
Nature: Modest
IVs:0 in Atk
Moves:Stealth Rock-Pluck-Scald- Defog (Since Piplup can't learn yet Flashcannon it will have a replacement move) (When fully evolved he can get it easily via TM.

[Image: NihEuwM.gif]
Nature : Jolly
EV : 4 HP 252 Attack 252 Speed
Moves: Drill Peck-Drill Run-Defog- Roost
Ivs: All 31

[Image: 9q1Gp5z.gif]
Held Item: Ability Capsule. (To change into Drizzle from Keen eye)(After you can request a Damp rock if you don't have one, since this set needs Damp Rock)
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 248 HP / 32 Def / 228 SpD
Bold Nature

[Image: 5kUAE0T.gif]
Held item:Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Nature: Calm
IVs: 0 in Atk
Moves: Scald-Roost- Defog-Toxic
OT: WaterKi

[Image: YvhxoxT.gif]
Held item: Eviolite
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 244 HP / 252 Def / 12 SpD
Impish Nature
Shiny: Yes.

[Image: cTKZyOz.gif]
Shiny: Yes
Held Item: Focus Sash
Lv: 100
Ability: Shield Dust
Nature: Modest
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Speed
Moves:Bug Buzz- Energy Ball- Defog- Venoshock
OT: Gira

Upcoming new Defog pokemon


Will write below updates of ''Sent'' ''Deposit now'' etc.

@Chansey Sent: Page 2- Skarmory Defog. Enjoy.
@"Anabel" Sent :Page 2 - Piplup Defog. Enjoy.
@Theobroco Sent: Page 3+ Page 5- Skarmory Defog+ Latias Defog. enjoy
@PerchPond Sent" page 3 - Piplup Defog. Enjoy
@Ninjames85 Sent: Page 2+Page 5 - Piplup Defog+ Latias Defog. Enjoy
@element_x49 Sent: page 2+Page 4- Defog/Counter Skarmory+ Mantine Defog. Enjoy
@backmds You can deposit now.
@Saichi Sent: Page 3+Page5 - Latias Defog+Skarmory Defog/Counter. Enjoy
@ggDerpyDerp You can deposit now.
@ElliotProbablyTheBest You can deposit now.
@Keith_Kuruzu Sent: page 3 - Latias Defog. Enjoy
@Sun Juan Sent. Page 4 -Latias defog. Enjoy.
@Meckus Sent. Page 4- Latias Defog. Enjoy
@TheArtOfCade Sent. Page 4- Venomoth Defog. Enjoy
@Tenebris_Kane Sent. Page 4' Latias Defog. Enjoy
@BlueHoboJoe Sent. Page 4 - Latias Defog+Venomoth Defog.Enjoy
@Zakariot Sent . Page 4- Latias defog. Enjoy
@AverageJoe If you really can't get Gastly then it is allowed for now to deposit anything you dont need
@Mr. Ultracool Sent. Page 5 Pelipper Defog. Enjoy
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Bio upgrade:
I request the Mew. Can u wait i come home? Im at work now.
I suggest the homeboy Empoleon as a Defog Pokemon yo
B a d C o p
What level are they?  Inputting the level in Requested makes the snipes less likely in my experience. (I'd love the Skarmory! One of my fave mons.) Smile
Pokémon Deposited: Gastly 
Nickname: Defog1
Level: 7
Gender: Female
Pokémon Requested: Latias

Thanks, I couldn't get defog because I don't have dppt!
I deposited a Magikarp.  Ign kitty.   Thank you!
@Drangor2 Old Sea Map Mew can go through but it needs to be Japanese and from Gen 3. Still good to learn Defog as it can get to Gen 4
B a d C o p
Thanks for this interesting giveaway, @Drangor2Big Grin

Pokémon Requested: Skarmory
Pokémon Deposited: Magikarp 
Nickname: Defog1
Ball: Quick
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.
IGN: Black
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To anyone that deposited, please read the first post carefully.  It says not to deposit anything if the status says OFFLINE.

Also, long time no see @Drangor2.  You've been well?
@Keith_Kuruzu Hey Keith :0, i'm good, you? It's great to see that not all are gone, i finally got a little fix since yesterday for 3ds, though after waiting for so long i lost a lot of interest in playing the game again... Ohwell, maybe in future will continue with a new giveaway at the other side, only the future knows.

(for now i dont know when i have everything completed, i thought i had them ready, will take some more time, when its ready the status goes to Online'')

Goodnight to all.(don't forget to only add suggestions or other stuff below and not depositing to prevent snipe) when everything is ready will update the page, until then gn all.)
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.


Bio upgrade:

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