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[GIVEAWAY] (OFFLINE) free Ditto5/6ivs+Battle ready shiny +(TSV Check))
pokemon dep: riolu
gender: male
ign: snow
pokemon req: Sylveon2

thank you!
Hey @Drangor2  !

Pekomon deposited : Tauros - Male - lvl 56
Pokemon requested : Sylveon2 
IGN: Tom

Tyvm !
deposited: Magby
level 1
gender: Female
ign: Laurence 
Requested: Sylveon
Deposited: Bidoof
Level 4
Ign: Zhen
Requested: Sylveon, 41-50
Pokemon Wanted: Sylveon2(F) (91-100)
Pokemon Deposited: Aron(M) Lvl. 10 
IGN: Isaac
I would love a Sylveon so that I could pair it with my Vaporeon, if you have one left.
Thanks. Smile
Thank you and rep was definitely given.
Deposited: Magikarp
Lvl: 1
Gender: Male
IGN: Jordy
Which one?: Sylveon 2
Updated a little. Also for many more new Battle ready pokemon you can vote there <<

DOn't forget to vote the pokemon you would like to see.

For now the highest with votes is one with 5.

If 1 of them get 20+ Votes, i can present you all the most voted. Have fun.
Fly like a eagle, run like a beagle. Never give up.
:s Is this still going on?!!
@Maddyfresh Yep., updating. (You can get more than 2
Fly like a eagle, run like a beagle. Never give up.

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