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[GIVEAWAY] Pokemon Shield and Sword Look-Alike


Welcome everyone.

In this giveaway you will meet some special Pokemon.

These Pokemon may resemble a Shield or a Sword

More Pokemon Might get Added at each new *Round

*First Round will be completed when this page has been completed with posts

Below this text i present to you the Shields pokemon of Round 1:

Story: A year ago these Pokemon lost their Mother, but are now ready to go to Trainers !

The name of these Shields are >>>>>

[Image: 8acf3af7d834b576654e5071ca8d0440-full.gif]


Holding the Item: Rare candy to evolve into his true form !

Evs: 200 Hp - 186 Defense - SpDef - 124.

Moves: Toxic-Protect-Attract-Substitute

Nature: Adamant.

Ability: Sturdy

Gender: Female?

Hidden Power: Dark

Shiny: Yes.

Egg-Moves: Stealth rock - Curse - Counter - Wide Guard

Premier Ball

Full Ivs: All Stats 31 perfect.


1) Do not Double Post: If you need to add something you can edit your post by clicking on[Image: 474ee1fc8943e87d0c0c56236d66f6c6-full.png]

2)One Request Per Page

3)If you Don't understand something you can ask by editing your post and adding it below inside your own post. I have my Pm closed down to prevent confusion.

4)Do not create multiple accounts to Troll/ Getting more Pokemon, to Double post etc.

5)Be Patient, we all have a life outside the Internet.

6)Do not ask for reservations. Check all the pages to get idea if the Giveaway has ended. (I will Update some stuff on first page when time comes)

7)You can post only One time only on each page, if you need to add something read Rule number 1

8)Trades will be done through the GTS only

9)Check "Status" to know if giveaway is Online.


1)Get a Rattata, a Mudbray, Yungoos, Cutiefly To prevent being sniped, and Deposit them on the Gts.

2) Nickname them Shield.

3)Ask for a Lv 91 to 100 Shieldon on the Gts to prevent snipe.

4) If the Pokemon has been sent i will edit this post with at the bottom your Username, Click the link to see image Example >> (Link has been changed to be short)

5) Any rule ignored means you will not get your Pokemon. (You might get a last chance next page)

Note These Pokemon are Compatible with Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, yet to be tested if they pass Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon !

Note 2: These Pokemon have been edited/shinyfied with a *modified 3ds brew stuff

*You may have seen on google or on many different forum sites Giveaways that say ''free battle ready pokemon, free shiny eggs, free stuff etc, a lot of these may contain hacked/ created pokemon from modified 3ds or only using a 3ds with some installed software, if you prefer completely legit pokemon without any hacked stuff done on them etc, always do a research on them ID, OT etc, some may say they are legit but to be 100% sure you need always to do a full deep research on them before trading, not all are what they seem*

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