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[GIVEAWAY] Shiny BR Latias/Latios Giveaway
IGN: Seth
Trumbeak lvl 20 male
message: This is a pokemon with great potential please raise it if youd like

thank you very much!
Pokemon Wanted: Latios
Pokemon deposited: Trumbeak, lvl 26, male
IGN: Johan
thanks a bunch!
Hi there,

Thanks for the giveaway!

Deposited: Trumbeak lvl 55 female
IGN: Ash
Wanted: Latios
Pokemon Wanted: Latias
Pokemon deposited: Trumbeak, lvl 18, male
IGN: Rémy
Thank you Smile
I deposited a lvl 53 male trumbeak for latios ign is hawkeye
IGN : Alexis
Requested : Latias
Deposited : Trumbeak lv 19 female
Pokemon Wanted: Latias
IGN: Dia 
Deposited: Trumbeak lvl 19 female quick ball. 
Message: "I want to fill my Pokedex."
Deposited : Trumbeak
Lvl: 21
Gender: Female
IGN : Will
Requested : Latias
Thanks in advance!
Deposited: Trumbeak (lv18)
Gender: Male
IGN: Ruby
Wanted: Latios

Cheers in advance
Level of the Trumbeak deposited: 52
Gender: Male
Your IGN: Enrique
Your choice: Latios

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